Printable Multiplication Tables

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When kids are learning their multiplication facts, printable multiplication tables can be invaluable tools.

Using Printable Multiplication Tables

When your kids first look at the multiplication table, the info can seem a bit overwhelming. Encourage your child to look at each individual row and column to discover patterns. For example:

  • All numbers multiplied by 0 equal 0
  • All numbers multiplied by 1 equal themselves
  • All numbers multiplied by 5 result in a sum ending in either 5 or 0

When your child has built confidence in recognizing patterns, then he is ready to tackle the actual multiplication facts. You'll likely find that he is less intimidated by them now.

Additional Aids

Most kids can't learn multiplication by using tables alone. Use the printable multiplication table along with:

  • Flash cards
  • Worksheets
  • Fun word problems
  • Math songs
  • Multiplication games
  • Working with math manipulatives

For a printable multiplication table to 12, also sometimes called a printable times table, print the sheet to the right. If you need help downloading the printable, check out the helpful tips.

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Printable Multiplication Tables