Pictures of Animals That Live In a Jungle

red-eyed tree frog


What kinds of animals live in a jungle? The animals in this slideshow present just a few of the many species you might encounter in jungle habitats. ---- Many brightly-colored frogs inhabit the jungle greenery. Species include numerous varieties of tree frogs, monkey frogs and poison dart frogs.


Chameleons, lizards, geckos and iguanas all make their homes in the jungles of the world.

Boa Constrictors

Boa constrictors slither through the rainforests of South America and Central America.


Pythons make their home in the jungles of Africa and Asia.


In Indonesia and Malaysia, orangutans use the abundant trees in those countries' jungles to create their homes.


Gorillas, the largest of primate species, live in the jungles of central Africa.


In addition to large primates like orangutans and gorillas, there are also many smaller monkeys living in jungles, such as the capuchin monkey and the squirrel monkey.


What kinds of animals live in a jungle? Several of the world's large cats live in jungles. Tiger habitats exist throughout southeast Asia.


Jaguars represent big cat species in the western hemisphere.


Rainforest habitats offer a perfect setting for bird life. The toucan is a brightly-colored bird of western hemisphere jungles.


Although they may have a reputation as a seafaring pirate companion, parrots are another bird species adding bright splashes of color to the jungle.


Insect life is everywhere in rainforests and other jungle areas. Some insects are similar to those you might see in everyday life, such as this army ant.


The insects and even small animals of the jungle provide an abundant food source for the spiders living in these habitats.


From the Common Bluebottle of Asia to the Monarch of the western hemisphere, butterflies offer another burst of color in the jungle.

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Pictures of Animals That Live In a Jungle