A Beka Curriculum

A Beka Curriculum

A Beka homeschool curriculum is one of the most popular homeschooling programs available, especially for Christian homeschoolers.

A Beka Homeschool Curriculum

The A Beka curriculum is a K-12, accredited, faith-based homeschooling program that is also used by many Christian schools.

Before you decide if the A Beka curriculum is right for your family, it is important to consider the pros and cons of using the A Beka homeschool learning program.

Pros of A Beka Curriculum:

  • The A Beka curriculum includes detailed lesson plans and schedules. This is beneficial to homeschooling parents that prefer a curriculum similar to that taught in public schools. It is also helpful to new homeschooling families who may require detailed and focused direction.
  • A Beka materials are available individually or as part of grade-level kits. This enables homeschooling families to purchase only the materials they want without spending money on items they will not use.
  • The A Beka homeschool curriculum has a high resale value, with many homeschooling parents preferring to buy the materials used.
  • The A Beka material is advanced, providing a challenging curriculum for gifted students.
  • Christian homeschoolers can benefit from the addition of biblical references throughout the material.

Cons of A BekaCurriculum:

  • The A Beka homeschool curriculum is one of the most expensive homeschooling packages available, and it is considerably more expensive than public schooling.
  • There is a heavy reliance on textbook and workbook learning, which may not be ideal for parents who prefer a more relaxed homeschool approach. The curriculum is also more time-consuming than other homeschooling curriculums, which may not be appealing to some homeschooling families.
  • A Beka changes their curriculum and textbooks frequently, which may make it difficult to find corresponding workbooks for younger children if you plan to reuse the textbooks.
  • Much of the work pages are included inside the textbooks. This means your child will need to write out his work on separate pieces of paper if you hope to reuse or sell your A Beka materials later.
  • The accelerated curriculum may be too challenging for average students or children with learning disabilities. The advanced materials also result in a higher than average burn out rate.

A Beka Curriculum

A Beka homeschool curriculum is faith-based and accelerated, which may or may not be suitable for your child.

A Beka History

A Beka History materials cover history, government, and economics from a biblical viewpoint. A textbook is provided for first and second grade students, with third graders also having access to a test book and map skills book. Older students receive states and capitals flash cards, geography lessons, and other materials.

A Beka Math

A Beka Math is a standard workbook-based math program that utilizes a spiral approach to teaching. While the materials cover the same general math topics for several years, the work examines the underlying math concepts in more depth each year. The problem with spiral teaching is that it may move too quickly for some children, while holding more advanced children back.

A Beka Phonics

The phonics program included in the A Beka Phonics curriculum focuses on phonics rules and drill work for preschool through second grade. Flash cards are the basis for most of the drill work. Games and additional activities are also available for purchase.

A Beka English

The A Beka English program emphasizes the structure and rules of the English language, with work materials included on spelling, literature, writing, and vocabulary development. The English curriculum uses a spiral approach to learning, similar to the approach used in the A Beka Math curriculum.

A Beka Science

A Beka Science is faith-based and promotes the view that God created the planet. While this is preferable for some Christian homeschoolers, the strong anti-evolution focus of the curriculum may be a bit much for others. A Beka Science combines textbook learning with vocabulary and some scientific experiment activities.

Where to Find A Beka Materials

If you do not intend to sell the books and other learning materials when your child completes the program, you should consider buying used. Because A Beka homeschool curriculum is so popular, locating materials online and in your community is simple.

  • You can purchase A Bekabooks and kits directly through the A Beka Book website.
  • If you are interested in purchasing used materials, you can check with other homeschoolers in your area who use the A Beka homeschool program.
  • Some Christian schools give away or sell older versions of A Beka textbooks when new editions become available.
  • Second Harvest Curriculum offers a large number of used A Beka materials at fair prices.
  • Amazon.com offers both new and used A Beka materials through third-party vendors.
  • Check your local Craigslist for good deals on used materials, or try bidding on kits on eBay.

Is A Beka Right for You?

A Beka homeschool is an expensive alternative to other homeschooling curriculums, but its accelerated and faith-based coursework set it apart from other learning programs. Of course, every homeschooling family has different needs and expectations when it comes to developing or following a curriculum. The only way to determine if A Beka homeschool is right for you and your child is to try it.

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A Beka Curriculum