Abeka Curriculum and Education Overview

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Abeka homeschool curriculum is one of the most popular homeschooling programs available, especially for Christian homeschoolers. Get an overview of the curriculum and Abeka samples, along with pros and cons to consider before buying this program.

Abeka Homeschooling Curriculum

Abeka is a homeschooling program that takes a traditional approach to learning designed for grades K-12. Abeka offers two different ways that you can teach online students. You can enroll in the Abeka Academy Video Homeschool or use the FlexTeach option.


In the FlexTeach option, you will buy kits for specific grade levels covering all the core subjects. These include books, readers and worksheets. Parent kits will give you access to lesson plans, quizzes, tests and more. You might also purchase Bible kits. These self-study options are completed at your own pace and are not accredited. However, the kits will provide you with timelines and Abeka sample schedules for your home learning. Despite the lesson plans, unless you purchase the videos, the teaching is done mostly by the parent.

Abeka Homeschool Academy
Abeka Homeschool Academy

Abeka Academy Video Homeschool

The Abeka Academy Video Homeschool is an accredited program through the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Elementary and Secondary Education and the Florida Association of Christian College and Schools that offers students access to a diploma. Students will take standardized tests, get transcripts and complete 170 days of lessons per year from master teachers in pre-recorded video lessons. The parent materials are also included in the kit. While you will ensure that your child completes the lessons, the videos take some of the pressure off of the parent for being the sole teacher.

How Is Learning Approached

All programs approach learning through a traditional, Christian-based structure. Faith and learning are intermixed with the master lessons provided by the Pensacola Christian Academy. Full programs and the academy includes Bible classes in addition to covering language arts, arithmetic, science, history, geography and health. To see their approach, you can find Abeka sample videos. These provide you with an overview of what you and your child can expect in the program. The videos showcase a real classroom and give you a school atmosphere. They also include sample tests if you want to give them your email and name.

Cost of the Abeka Program

The cost of the Abeka program varies widely depending on the approach and materials that you choose to purchase. The FlexTeach kits can range from $150 - $900 dollars for one grade level of the program. The academy can be purchased based on a semester or year. And you might purchase the materials or tuition only. To get the year of tuition and materials for the program, it can cost about $900 a year. Looking at your budget, how much time you can dedicate to the program and if you are looking for an accredited program can help you to decide which program to complete and how to pay. While the cost does give a bit of sticker shock, Abeka does offer monthly payment plans.

Strong Points and Controversy Surrounding Abeka Homeschooling Programs

Like any homeschooling learning program, Abeka comes with its strong points and controversial aspects. Looking at the pros and cons equally can help you to decide if this is the homeschooling program for you and your child.

Reviewer Pros of the Curriculum

Abeka is a complete program with a heavy focus on phonics and language development. It also uses an accelerated approach that many parents enjoy. Other pros that are discussed from actual users of the program include:

  • If you buy a kit, it is a onetime cost per year.
  • The program offers you everything you need from videos to teaching materials in the kits.
  • Parents have control over learning.
  • The plans are easy to follow, and everything is scheduled.
  • Strong Christian material and leadership is integrated into the classes.
  • High resell value once you have completed the program.

Cons of the Abeka Program

While the onetime cost can be seen as a pro, some people found the program to be too expensive. Additionally, it was noted by a reviewer on Successful Homeschooling that Abeka had a high burn out rate since the accelerated materials, homework and tests can get overwhelming. Other cons seen with the program included:

  • Heavy focus on religion
  • High reliance on textbooks and workbooks
  • Manual recording of students can be time consuming
  • Lack of an online component
  • Lesson style can be dry to some students

Homeschool Curriculum

Abeka is a popular homeschool curriculum that utilizes videos, books and worksheets to teach children K-12 in all subjects. While you can do an independent approach, the academy is accredited and offers a diploma for students. Exploring the curriculum pros and cons can be a great way to decide if this is the right program for your homeschooler.

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Abeka Curriculum and Education Overview