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Antonyms Word List


Antonyms are two words with opposite meanings. The study of antonyms can be fun, and an antonyms word list is a great educational tool. Use printable pages of words that mean opposite things to create worksheets, games, and more.

Sample Antonym Lists

For a printable page of words and their antonyms for any level, see:

  • Basic Antonym List: This printable contains antonyms for elementary grades.
  • Intermediate Antonym List: This printable contains an antonym list ideal for fifth through eighth grades.
  • Advanced Antonym List: This list is perfect for young advanced students or high schoolers.

If you need help downloading any of the printable lists, check out these helpful tips.

Using an Antonyms Word List

A list of antonyms can be used in many ways in the homeschool classroom. Here are a few ideas:

  • Create fill-in-the-blank worksheets.
  • Make a game of it. Call out a word. The first to call out its antonym gets a point.
  • Make flashcards. If you have nonreaders in the house-- or just want to give the cards visual appeal-- draw or glue photos on each card.
  • Make up fun rhyming songs for the antonym pairs.
  • Create matching worksheets.
  • Divide the children into pairs, and have each pair act out a set of antonyms.
  • Create stories and have children replace the underlined words with an antonym. For example: The train was going slow. If you have underlined the word slow, your student should come up with the word fast.
Antonyms Word List