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Back to School Ideas for Homeschoolers

Back to school ideas are important for homeschooled children.

Fun and educational back to school ideas for homeschoolers are a great way to mark the start of the new school year and increase excitement about learning.

Back to School Ideas for Homeschoolers

The start of a new school is an exciting time for children. They spend weeks picking out new clothes and school supplies, calling friends to see who their classmates are, and imagining what the first day will be like. Homeschooled children should not miss out on this excitement. It is important to celebrate the first day of school with new clothes, supplies, and fun back to school ideas for homeschoolers.

Ideas for Elementary Children

It is easy to get elementary children excited about the new school year. Below are some simple and affordable back to school ideas for elementary children:

Naming Your School

Younger children enjoy giving their homeschool year a unique identity. Spend some time with your children thinking up a school name and mascot. You can create simple school ID cards using markers and craft paper, or design them on the computer and print them out. Allow your children to choose a favorite photo to place on the ID cards. It does not need to be a personal photo. Pictures of their favorite animals or sports teams will do.

Start a Memory Book

Memory books are an excellent way to keep track of your child's progress. You can create a book that will last throughout your child's academic life, or you begin a new book with each school year. Allow your children to choose the colors and photos to place inside the memory book.

Back to School Party

Increase your child's excitement for the new school year by throwing a back to school party. It need not be elaborate, and a few snacks and decorations are typically enough to please younger children. Invite extended family members over, or throw the party on the weekend so that your child's neighborhood public-schooled friends can attend.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide school supplies and small treats around your house or neighborhood, and send your children on a scavenger hunt to collect what they need for the new school year. Write down clues on pieces of paper or index cards about various locations and the missing objects. This will help younger children find their treasures. For example, if you hide a pack of pens in the pantry you can design a clue that states, "I might be hanging out with the pasta, but I am useful for writing letters."

Ideas for Older Children

Older children may not show any interest in back to school ideas, but that does not mean they are not interested. Asking for their opinion before deciding how to celebrate the first day of the new school year will help them feel more involved in the process. Some fun and easy back to school ideas for older children are below:

Design a School T-Shirt

Take your older children to the store and purchase solid color T-shirts. Use puff paints, sequins, or other accessories to decorate the shirts, and then place your child's name onto the back.

Create a Special Work Area

Older students may enjoy selecting accessories, such as lamps, calendars, and desk organizers, to decorate a special work area in the house. You can make this a full day event. If your space is limited, or if you have multiple children sharing one desk or table, allowing them to choose one or two personal accessories to use during their "school time" can make each school day more enjoyable. If you plan to move the items around throughout the day, pick out totes for each child's belongings.

Back to School Field Trip

Plan a fun and educational field trip to mark the beginning of the new school year. Let your older child choose the location, and then load up the family and spend some time out of the house. Back to school field trips give homeschooled students something to look forward to during the summer, and they are an easy way to celebrate the new year.

Take Them Shopping

This idea may not be much fun for you or your wallet, but it is certain to excite teenagers. In addition, if your older children have public-schooled friends, allowing them to choose a back to school wardrobe will help them feel more like their peers.

Celebrating as a Family

There is no limit to back to school ideas for homeschoolers. Bring the subject up at your next family meeting, or sit down with each child individually and determine what ideas appeal to everyone in the household. The start of the new school year is an important time, and it deserves a celebration.

Back to School Ideas for Homeschoolers