Beginning Spanish Worksheets

You can find resources to teach your child Spanish.

If you're looking for beginning spanish worksheets, tutorials and materials, rest assured that there are lots of resources out there to help you teach your child the second most popular language in the world.

Where to Find Beginning Spanish Worksheets and Materials

There are ample places to find beginning Spanish materials both online and through homeschooling suppliers as well as through your local bookstore. Whether you're starting young or starting as a freshman in high school, there are plenty of materials to help you get the basics of Spanish down.

If you need help downloading any of the printable worksheets, check out these helpful tips.

Online Resources

Because Spanish is such a popular language, you will find many helpful resources online:

  • Home Education Resources has a nice variety of beginning Spanish worksheets. They are free, however, you can gain access to the entire site for a fee of $15.
  • ABC Teach is another site that offers a certain amount of Spanish worksheets for free but also offers a membership option. One note about becoming an ABC Teach member is that they have ABC Tools which allow you to make your own worksheets.
  • EdHelper is a standard favorite among homeschoolers who want printable worksheets. Set up similar to ABC Teach, they offer both free worksheets as well as a subscription service with access to even more worksheets. You can also create your own worksheets.
  • RLRouse Directory offers links to teach about Spanish speaking countries, grammatical concepts and basic vocabulary among other Spanish lessons.
  • Spanish for Teachers is geared towards the classroom teacher. However, the site has several beginning level worksheets covering daily routines, basic vocabulary and beginning verb conjugation.
  • Enchanted Learning is a subscription site but if you're willing to pay the nominal fee, they offer a host of printables from beginning books to matching worksheets.

Ideas for Teaching Beginning Spanish

There are ways to teach Spanish even if you don't speak a word of it. Try these tried and true ideas for getting more Spanish into your child's day:

Spanish Cartoons

Tune into a familiar cartoon that is in Spanish. Dora the Explorer or Go Diego Go are excellent ones to start with because just like the English versions have some Spanish in them, the Spanish versions will have some English in them.

Audio Books in Spanish

Check out audio books at your local library. Since libraries nowadays are often connected to each other via the internet, chances are good that you can order it online to be delivered to your local library.


Music is actually a great way for kids to learn vocab and practice accents. Ideally, find music that your child is already familiar with so that your child can connect what he already know to words that he is hearing in the music.


Playing games is a powerful, and non-threatening way to get kids to practice the language. It doesn't have to be a complicated game either. Something as simple as playing 'Eye Spy' using Spanish colors can help reinforce the basics.

You Can Do It

Teaching a foreign language doesn't have to be scary. It benefits your kids and is considered a standard part of high school curriculum. There are numerous resources for homeschoolers to take advantage of.

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Beginning Spanish Worksheets