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If you've chosen to homeschool so that you can teach your children about God, then Bible worksheets will be a welcome addition to your curriculum. While you can always create worksheets for your children, the Internet offers a wealth of printable worksheets for you to use when teaching some of the most popular stories from the Old and New Testaments.

Printable Old Testament Worksheets

If you need help downloading any of the worksheets, check out these helpful tips.

Creation of the World

Use this worksheet to help children understand the creation story found in Genesis 1. Children will answer questions related to the items that God created each day. After completing the worksheet, children should be able to tell the story of creation from Day 1 through Day 7.

creation worksheet

Noah and the Ark

The Story of Noah and the Ark is full of details. This printable uses the numbers found in Genesis 6-9 to help children learn about Noah, the ark and the big flood. While reading the passage, children should pay attention to numbers such as the dimensions of the ark and any numbers related to days or years to help with the worksheet.

noah and the ark
Noah and the Ark

David and Goliath

In 1 Samuel 17, David came in as the underdog and came out a victor. Using this worksheet, children will compare the armor of both men and understand that while David was not prepared for battle, his faith in God gave him the upper hand.

david and goliath
David and Goliath

Daniel and the Lion's Den

Through the sequence of events in Daniel 6, children can learn about the power of confidence in our faith. This printable has children answer questions about the sequence of events in the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den to come to conclusions about what it means to believe in God.

daniel and the lion's den
Daniel and the Lions' Den

Jonah and the Whale

After reading Jonah 1-2, children will fill in the blanks on this worksheet to recount the major events of the passage.

jonah and the whale
Jonah and the Whale

Printable New Testament Worksheets

The Birth of Jesus

Using the account of Jesus from Luke 2, children will unscramble the words on this printable to learn about some of the most important people and places involved with the birth of Jesus.

birth of jesus
Birth of Jesus

Jesus Heals

Jesus heals multiple people in the Bible. This worksheet explores four different passages that involve healing and asks children to answer basic questions about them.

jesus heals
Jesus Heals

Feeding the 5000

The feeding of the 5000 was one of Jesus' most well-known miracles. Children fill in the blanks on this worksheet to retell the story.

feeding of the 5000
Feeding of the 5,000

Jesus' Death, Burial and Resurrection

Matthew 27-28 provides one account of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. After reading the passage, children will place the events of those three days in order. This worksheet also has children fill in the blanks to complete The Great Commission Jesus gave to His disciples in Matthew 28: 19-20.

jesus dies
Jesus Dies on the Cross

The Prodigal Son

By putting the events from the parable of the Prodigal Son in order on this worksheet, children will learn about the importance of repentance and forgiveness.

prodigal son
The Prodigal Son

Choosing Worksheets and Printables

Although you may already have a favorite type of worksheet or book, try to mix it up, use different formats, and create your own from time to time. Children crave variety in their studies. If one worksheet doesn't really hit a spiritual nerve, the next one might, or presenting the same lesson in a different way may be the ticket to helping your child change traits and grow stronger in his or her faith.

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