Guide to the Calvert Homeschool Curriculum

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Calvert Homeschool is the solution for the many people who would like to homeschool their children but are afraid they are unable to provide a quality education. Using a formal homeschooling program can help parents tackle the prospect of teaching children at home.

What is Calvert Homeschool?

Calvert Homeschool is a homeschool curriculum designed for children who possess a variety of learning styles. The program, often called "the school in the box," arrives at the doors of families around the world. A man by the name of Virgil Hillyer, the first headmaster of the Calvert Day School, developed the curriculum. The Calvert Day School opened its doors in 1897 and exists to this day. Located in Baltimore, MD, it influences the way parents teach homeschooled children around the world.

Virgil Hillyer's Method of Teaching

Virgil Hillyer wanted to foster a love for learning in all of his students at Calvert Day School. The fundamentals of his program include:

  • Presentation
  • Imitation
  • Drills using games and devices created by Hillyer
  • Final project

The program focuses on writing, reading, spelling, and mathematics. Science, history, art, and geography are also included in the program. Subjects are integrated. For example, a fifth grade student will study the American Civil War but will also read the famous poem "O Captain! My Captain" concerning the assassination of President Lincoln. She will also write a composition called "A Civil War Battle."

The Calvert Curriculum

The Calvert curriculum develops higher order thinking skills so that students master content. It uses hands-on activities tailored to all grade levels. The Calvert Day School enjoyed a great deal of success among its students. As a result, Hillyer wished to help parents who could not afford to send their children to his school.

The Homeschool Program

He decided to offer a homeschool program for kindergarten. He sold the program to the public, placing ads in National Geographic magazine. The homeschool program sold for a mere $5. People began to purchase the program for their children, and the Calvert school decided to offer the complete curricula to families. Now, children older than kindergarten age could learn the Calvert method in their own homes. Hillyer edited and approved each lesson of the program. It arrived in a box by mail and contained all the materials parents needed to teach their children. It also included comprehensive instructions for parents to follow as they conducted the lessons.

The Program Travels Around the World

By the 1930s, Calvert Homeschooling gained popularity around the world. The Calvert school faithfully shipped the program to students in over 50 countries. Children scattered around the world had access to the Calvert program and learned from Hillyer's methods.


The Commission on Elementary Schools and the Commission on International and Transregional Accreditation accredit Calvert Homeschool.

How It Works

The program uses applied technology instruction, interactive teaching tools, and real-time and online collaborative learning sessions. The Calvert School develops each lesson in the program. The school supports the homeschooling parent with additional services including placement testing, educational counseling, and advisory teaching services. Parents can request that their children learn from an online Calvert teacher if they are leery about teaching children on their own.

The Curriculum

The curriculum has two versions and three levels of parent support. Families determine the version and level they desire according to their own needs. Lesson plans are simple to follow and contain information on how to teach students with varying learning styles. The package includes a homeschool material list, instructions, and assignment summaries. Tucked inside the school's signature box are textbooks, pencils, paper, and reading materials.

Teaching Kids at Home

Calvert Homeschool has taught more than 500,000 students throughout the years since its inception. Their textbooks come from major educational publishing companies, and their academic standards are high. The school tailors lessons to your child's needs in order to accommodate a variety of learning styles and grade levels. They offer convenient payment plans and ongoing support, holding parents' hands every step of the way as they embark on a homeschooling journey with their children. For more information about the Calvert Homeschool program, visit The Calvert School website. Interested parents can also call the school to schedule a tour or receive more information.

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