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Homeschooling can be a daunting task. Not only are there a ton of different curriculum models that you can choose from, you can also create your own curriculum. Getting a little help to make your schooling work for your child can make home learning easy-peasy. Take the stress out of homeschooling by looking over subject-specific and overall curricula.

Finding the Right Curriculum

The question "how to choose the right curriculum?" can have many answers. It's going to depend on whether you are looking for preschool or K-12 homeschool materials. You also need to think about how much you can afford. Many secular homeschool and religious programs are available depending on your needs.

Religious Programs

You might have heard of Christian homeschooling curricula like ACE homeschooling. However, no matter what your religious sect, you can find a program. For example, there are Jewish homeschooling and Muslim programs along with Catholic programs like Mother of Divine Grace and Seton homeschooling. Those that worship the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints can find programs as well. Not only will you get an overview of the program, but you'll learn about the different teaching methods and support groups. Support in your homeschooling journey is priceless.

Finding Subject Specific Curriculum Info

Are you doing a math segment? Are you looking for supplemental material for science? Not everyone is an expert, even when teaching kids. Getting a little subject-curriculum help can be a lifesaver, especially if you have run out of ideas.

High Flying History

History can get boring really fast. Spice it up by teaching history through using the American Girls novels. Not only will this add fun but interest. You might also try the read aloud Story of History materials to supplement your ancient history lessons.

Language Arts

While there might be kids out there that love grammar rules, for most it will elicit a groan. Take the tears out of your handwriting by trying some fun and creative English and grammar lesson plans. Bring the speed back into spell through power spelling lessons. Having fun is the best part of homeschooling.

Mathematics Lessons

Numbers, numbers and more numbers, oh my! You might have disliked math in school but teaching it to your little can become a nightmare. While creative ideas for math are great, you can get specific lesson plans like Math U See and Life of Fred math. Lesson plans that break down geometry and other math concepts are also available. And if you are truly lost, there is a math curriculum guide to light your way. Don't let your lack of math knowledge take away your teaching excitement. The right lesson plans can quickly get you back on track.

Surprise Science Fun

Creating a homeschool science lesson that is fun and affordable isn't always easy. Put the magnificent back into math through online biology classes and astronomy lesson plans. You might even choose to cover it all through programs like Real Science 4 Kids. These lessons add variety and fun, making school a breeze.

Arts and Music

Creativity might not be the name of your game. Are your art and music lessons leaving a sour taste in your kid's mouth? Make your lessons fun by trying out a drama unit or even creating a fashion design course. Trying something a little new can really bring their interest back around.

New to Homeschooling

Are you new to the homeschooling game? It can be pretty daunting when you are just starting out. Rather than think you need to do everything yourself, there are a lot of different programs that are like school in a box. Programs like Rainbow Resources, Modern Press Curriculum and Calvert Homeschool take the work out of homeschooling. You can even read reviews of programs to find the perfect one for you.

The Online Option

When you think homeschooling, you might think textbooks and workbooks, but a lot of programs have gone online. Explore the differences between textbooks and online programs. Find out if an online curriculum like Ambleside Online Homeschool might be for you. The internet can open up a lot of opportunities for homeschooling parents.

School at Home

Whether you are an expert teacher or just starting out, homeschooling curriculum resources can help spice up your teaching methods or just give you a roadmap to follow. With lots of lesson plans and support, you can't go wrong.

Choosing a Curriculum