Choosing a Curriculum

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Whether you're new to homeschooling or a veteran homeschooler, choosing a curriculum is often a challenge. No one wants to spend a lot of money on materials only to find out they just won't work for a particular child.

Challenges of Choosing a Curriculum

With so many programs from which to choose, it can be hard to know which is the perfect fit for your child's learning style and for your family. There are many options:

  • Secular or religious? (there are programs available for Jewish, Christian, and Muslim families)
  • School-in-a-box or relaxed?
  • Curriculum or unschooling?

In addition to the challenges of trying to find the perfect fit, many families have several children all with different preferences, attention spans and abilities. Guess what? You're in luck! Unit studies are a solution for many of these families and can be adapted to suit many different grade levels. Unit studies can also be geared to the specific interests and passions of your children.

Other Curriculum Features

We've broken down the steps to choosing a curriculum and featured some of the many different curricula available on the market. You'll get insider tips from veteran homeschoolers, as well as a closer look at what each program includes. We even delve into complete sets, such as Bob Jones and K12. Need a coffee break from the hustle and bustle of your daily school schedule? You'll enjoy our interviews with experts such as Margie Gray, author of the Prairie Primer or get tips on organizing your home and your homeschool with Malia Russell of Homemaking 911.

Choosing a Curriculum