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Keeping things fresh and interesting in your homeschool can be a challenge even for the most veteran homeschool parents. Reading articles and talking to other homeschool parents can help, but homeschool slideshows give you a visual way to learn about homeschool topics. For kids who are visual learners, these images can also be valuable tools in lessons.

Homeschooling Basics

If you're new to homeschooling or just considering it, start by dispelling all those homeschooling myths. Kids who are homeschooled are not necessarily socially awkward and they can still go to college! It's also important to understand what unschooling is and how the two types of school-at-home options are different. The main difference is that unschooling doesn't use a defined curriculum while regular homeschooling does. Then you can decide if homeschooling is right for your family and which type of homeschooling to try.

Homeschool Activity Ideas

Notebooking at your homeschool gives kids an easy way to collect their knowledge, observations, and thoughts on any given topic. It also makes it easy for homeschool teachers to see the progress each child has made in learning about a particular topic. Homeschool notebooking ideas include art projects, handwriting practice, and even science experiments. Kids can keep a separate notebook for each subject or use one notebook to correlate one topic to the others. Keep in mind notebooks are for more than just text. Kids can include images they find or draw, found items, and even specimens like pressed flowers.

Homeschool Lesson Resources

Whether you're studying science or history, slideshows are great resources for homeschool lessons. Kids can check out pictures of animals that live in a jungle so they get a true idea of how these cool creatures look. They can learn Thanksgiving facts in a fun and easy format on their own or with you. Kids can even use slideshows for presentations and projects. Make slideshows part of your lessons by playing them on a Smart TV or projection device like a movie.

Visual Aids for Homeschool Success

At the end of a hard day, reading another article may be the last thing you want to do. Slideshows can come in handy because they offer quick and informative topics that can give you fresh ideas for tomorrow's school day. Seeing other homeschool parents and kids in action can inspire you to stretch just a bit further and make this year your best homeschooling year ever.

Home School Idea Gallery