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Whether you have a high schooler or a preschooler, the task of homeschooling is a full-time endeavor. From following state guidelines to finding materials and creating a curriculum to fit your learner, you need to do it all. Get the right tools for the job of teaching your littles.

Getting Started With Homeschooling

Homeschooling is serious business. Not only must you consider the positive and negative effects to your children, you also might want to check out the statistics of public vs homeschool environments before taking the plunge. However, if this is the route that you want to take, there are lots of accredited programs to try.

State Requirements

Before you venture down the road to homeschooling, you need to explore the homeschooling requirements. Each different state has different requirements for their homeschoolers. For example, Georgia's requirements are relaxed but still require assessments. Tennessee has stricter requirements, which include having parents register with the Local Education Authority. Depending on your state, you might also need to provide an intent to homeschool letter.

Surfing For Supplies

You've decided that homeschooling is definitely for you. Before you spend your savings on materials, find what you can get online for free. Check out not only subject plans and supplemental materials but daily planners, record keepers, and testing information. This will make sure that you are prepared to help your child earn their homeschool diploma.

Teaching Materials Resource

You're prepped and ready to go. Now to create your homeschool curriculum. In addition to creating your own lesson plans, you can take the easy road and find some pre-made lesson plans to supplement their English, math and science.

Little Linguists

Beyond just spelling and writing, lesson plans cover how to understand poetry including figurative language. Delve into the wild world of literature subjects like cause and effect, plot devices and even tone and mood in writing. Fun and creative projects can give your kids variety in teaching.

Fun With Math

Is the thought of teaching math making you sweat? Make your job a little easier with math activities that cover fun techniques like easy finger math tricks. There is also help teaching basic math concepts like multiplication and division to pre-algebra.

Crazy About Science

Writing might be your jam while your science skills leave much to be desired. Get the help you need teaching the scientific method or exploring photosynthesis through easy curriculum guides and lesson plans. You can even learn how to create a volcano. Now that is some homeschooling fun!

Getting Support

Is your homeschooling journey getting too overwhelming? Don't think that you need to go this alone. Support groups for working parents or homeschool moms can provide you the support you need to keep working toward your goal. Click your way to homeschooling moms just like you or even professional support. Local homeschooling co-ops like the West Metro Homeschool Co-Op might be available in your area to give you face-to-face support as well.

Socialization for Homeschoolers

Socialization is important to homeschoolers. Learn how to join groups and create homeschool co-ops and classes. Many homeschoolers find satisfactory social outlets through the YMCA, girl and boy scouts, 4-H, local homeschool groups, and their place of worship. Socialization is also fun through homeschool field trips.

Taking School Home

Homeschooling isn't for everyone. However, if this is the path that you've chosen to take, there are resources available to help you navigate the mucky waters of homeschooling. With the right materials and support, you'll be on your way to making your own unit studies in no time flat.

Homeschool Topics and Lessons