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Although every homeschool family has a different style and way of schooling, there are some homeschool basics that are universal and helpful to both beginner homeschoolers and veterans.

Homeschool Basics: How to Get Started

At some point in his or her homeschool career, all homeschoolers have asked, "Is homeschooling right for me?" Issues involved include wondering about the benefits of homeschooling, wondering if the children will thrive, wondering if homeschooling is legal, and even wondering about the parent's ability to teach.

We offer discussions on the pros and cons of homeschooling as well as information on topics such as how to keep records, how to write a lesson plan, how to create a homeschool schedule and other homeschool basics. Probably one of the most useful features is the help for homeschooling moms to keep them sane!

Once the decision has been made, most parents wonder how to start homeschooling, and we cover that as well.

Homeschooling in Special Circumstances

Working parents often wonder if homeschooling is a viable option for them, and we offer guidance in this issue. Homeschooling gifted, shy, or learning disabled students creates special issues, and we help with those as well. Since high school is such a critical time in a student's life, we have articles devoted to homeschooling older students.

Socialization for Homeschoolers

Socialization is important to homeschoolers, so we'll tell you how to join groups and create homeschool co-ops and classes. Many homeschoolers find satisfactory social outlets through the YMCA, girl and boy scouts, 4-H, local homeschool groups, and their place of worship.

Homeschool Basics