Christian Homeschooling Webrings

Christian homeschooling webrings offer information and support.

Christian homeschooling webrings connect faith-based homeschool blogs, websites, and support groups with Christian homeschoolers. Webrings encourage the sharing of resources, support, and information between members, which is extremely beneficial to homeschoolers who may have limited support from their local community or public school district.

Benefits of Christian Homeschooling Webrings

Joining a Christian homeschool webring is an excellent way to find support, encouragement, friendship, and information. By joining a Christian webring, you will have access to the experience and resources of other homeschoolers, which will help make your homeschool experience a positive and productive one.


The fact about homeschooling is that it can be difficult and stressful for many parents, but joining a webring can connect you with other homeschooling parents that share your faith. Joining a webring is an excellent way to get support from experienced homeschoolers who know how challenging a faith-based homeschool curriculum can be to develop and implement. You can receive help, advice, and encouragement from other Christians during your homeschooling journey.


Christian homeschooling webrings can guide you toward online resources and information to aid in curriculum development. You will even find free Christian homeschooling material. Many homeschooling webrings share printable lesson plans and worksheets that are free for webring members. They are also a great way to locate sports programs and other activities in your community.


Socialization is an important part of homeschooling for both children and parents. Parents who homeschool often have limited time for social activities. Homeschooling webrings enable you to form and maintain friendships with other homeschooling parents who have similar values and beliefs. Some location-based webrings organize meetings or homeschool field trips that are beneficial to both homeschooled children and parents.

Where to Find Homeschooling Webrings for Christians

There are many Christian homeschool webrings online, each with a slightly different focus. Before you begin your search, you should decide if you are more interested in socializing with other Christian homeschoolers, need resources or help developing a homeschool curriculum for your child, or want a webring that both you and your child can join.

It is always a good idea to try out a few webrings to see which is the best fit. You can leave the webring if it does not suit your needs or faith.

Some Places to Begin

Christian Homeschool Moms is a webring for Christian moms who are currently homeschooling or who are interested in mentoring other homeschooling parents. To join this webring, you must read and agree to the webring's statement of faith. Living Light Christian Homeschooling and Teachers is a webring for parents, educators, students, and grandparents who are seeking resources or information about Christian homeschooling.

This Christian homeschool webring directory is a great source of information for all Christian homeschooling parents. The directory includes location-based webrings, webrings specifically for children, and webrings focused on resources and curriculum.

Creating Your Own Homeschool Webring

If you are unable to find a webring that suits your particular needs, you have the option of creating your own. You can either use a webring service to set up and maintain your webring, or you can create your own homeschool website. Once your website is live, you can search for similar websites or blogs, and create a new ring by linking each page to the next. Whether you decide to join an existing webring or create your own, being part of a Christian homeschooling webring can significantly improve your homeschooling experience.

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