DVD Lessons for Homeschool

DVDs are great teaching aids.
DVDs are great teaching aids.

Using DVD lessons for homeschool can help to supplement the current curriculum teachers are using. Various DVDs can be used to help teach courses, from science and history to music. DVDs are easy to find for this purpose, both online and at favorite local book retailer stores.

About DVD Lessons for Homeschool

If you're new to homeschooling, you may be surprised to learn that there are quite a few DVD lessons for homeschool available on the market. While watching and taping shows from television can be beneficial, owning or borrowing DVDs can help students who wish to view a particular topic many times and at their leisure. An added bonus for using DVDs is that a student can skip ahead to a particular area on the DVD, pause and rewind to areas of interest.

DVD Science Lessons

For some, teaching science to children can be difficult, especially if the parent didn't excel in the subject while they were in school. Luckily, there are many fascinating and informative DVD science lessons now on the market. Some of these include:

  • Homeschool Video USA - carries DVD science lesson videos suitable for students in grades two through seven. The average length of each lesson is 16 minutes; perfect for young children with short attention spans. Choose from coral reefs, the planets, fungi and much more, with new volumes being added monthly. Each volume costs $49.
  • Grandpa John's Science Lab - covers basic science topics, such as magnetism, elasticity and electricity. Provides information on how to teach with Biblical principles and how to integrate the lessons with other subjects.

DVD Art Lessons

While teaching arts and crafts to young students is fairly easy, teaching older children specific techniques, without a background in art, can be difficult. DVD art lessons can help to teach children specific art techniques, as well as the history of art. Some of the retailers that sell these DVDs include:

  • How Great Thou Art - learn about art techniques, art in the Bible and more for children ages three and up. Prices vary for each lesson kit, usually $65 to $99. The kits include all of the materials needed to teach and DVDs with over 100 lessons each. Some of these kits have three years worth of lessons on them, which may help busy parents organize at least this one subject in their curriculum easily.
  • Homeschool Art - sells the Artelier method, designed specifically for homeschooled children. This program includes art lessons, lessons on artists, art history, media exploration, cultural appreciation and more. Each module contains 24 lessons, and the price for these modules averages around $60 each.

DVD Music Lessons

If you don't have a music teacher nearby to take lessons from, there are plenty of options to choose from on the Internet and DVD. Whether you child wants to learn guitar, violin or piano, there are DVDs available that will teach them the basic techniques for the instruments.

  • KinderBach - this online retailer offers DVD lessons for children who are interested in learning piano. This particular online lesson series touts that no musical experience is needed to teach these lessons to children. The average price for each series of lessons is $55, which includes a DVD, eBook, activity audio CD, songbook and corresponding audio CD.
  • Jean Welles Worship Guitar DVD Lessons - teaches basic guitar skills on each to follow DVD lessons. Each DVD volume offers approximately seven lessons, costing around $25 each.

DVD History Lessons

Teaching history doesn't have to be dry and uninteresting. Add some DVDs designed especially for children and you'll have students who are eager to learn more about history. There are many places to find history DVDs that can be used in the classroom, including those listed below:

  • ChristianBook.com - sells the popular Drive Thru History series that children really enjoy. Each DVD has three episodes and cost approximately $17 each.
  • NetFlix - an inexpensive alternative to purchasing DVDs for the classroom. Netflix offers many of the same DVDs found on popular homeschooling sites, such as Drive Thru History. Monthly memberships vary, starting at $4.99. The best part is that you can keep the videos as long as you need to.

The DVD lessons for homeschool are a great way to get children interested in subjects that they may have found difficult or boring before. After all, even the best teachers can't always teach every subject equally well. If you'd like to supplement your own teaching with that of other skilled individuals, then utilizing DVDs in your homeschool classroom may be a simple solution to rounding out your yearly curriculum.

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DVD Lessons for Homeschool