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Free First Grade Math Worksheets

Michele Meleen
First grade girl doing math worksheet

First grade mathematics lessons focus on helping learners understand the relationships between numbers, shapes, and concepts such as time. Choose the worksheet you want then click on it to download and print the activity and answer key. If you have any problems, consult the helpful Adobe Guide for troubleshooting.

Single and Double Digit Equations

Reinforce single and double digit addition and subtraction with fun problem-solving mazes. Instruct children struggling with basic math to solve each equation and have it checked first, then draw a line to show the correct path. Kids who are stronger in this area can solve the equations in their head. Both mazes also challenge kids to read and follow directions, as they'll need to figure out which answer they're looking for on each level.

Addition Maze

Kids will practice their basic addition and counting by 5 skills to reach the top of this birthday cake maze. Starting with the bottom layer of cake, students need to find the equation that adds up to five, then ten, then fifteen and so on.

Subtraction Maze

Students need to solve simple subtraction problems using numbers up to 20 to get to the cherry on top of this ice cream sundae. Starting with the bowl at the bottom, learners move up the maze by finding the equations that count up by two for each layer.

Time Puzzle Worksheets

Once your child has learned to read the hours on both analog and digital clocks, you can use these fun time travel mysteries to test his or her skills. Two creatures from each "trip" section correspond with matching times. One uses an analog clock and one uses a digital clock.

On the Hour

Discover which historical creatures have traveled through time by recognizing times by the hour.

On the Half Hour

Kids will need to be able to read half-hour increments to complete this worksheet featuring mythological creatures.

Worksheet Extension Activities

While these worksheets have a single set of directions, there are many other ways you can use them to practice telling time. For example:

  • Ask students to tell you what time all the wrong clocks say.
  • Using a moveable digital clock face, have your child show the time each analog clock says.
  • After each "trip" section, have kids draw a picture that shows what this creature might be doing at the time they traveled. For example, if it was noon the creature might be eating lunch.

Place Value Jumble

Reinforce learning about place values with this picture puzzle featuring numbers from 1 to 120. Kids have to decipher each clue, then circle the corresponding number from the chalkboard.

Making it All Add Up

Once children have mastered recognizing numbers, it's time to learn how numbers relate to each other in a variety of ways. Complete the worksheets together as your lesson or ask kids to try them on their own for review.

Free First Grade Math Worksheets