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Free home school lessons can help teachers reduce class preparation time and save money. They can easily be found on the Internet and most have been written by and tested in the classroom by seasoned teachers.

Free Home School Lessons Online

One of the easiest solutions to finding free home school lessons is to download them directly from the Internet. There are many websites dedicated to providing useful and well-planned lessons for public, as well as private, school teachers. Many of these websites offer lesson plans created by professional educators, which may help some teachers that are creating their own curriculum for the first time.

The following are a few of the websites that offer free home school lessons:

  • Lesson Plans Page - no matter what subject you are looking for, this website probably has it. They have over 3500 lesson plans that are free to download. Choose from art, computers, physical education, math, music and more for students in Pre-K through 12th grade.
  • Scholastic - not just for elementary grade students anymore, Scholastic brings a variety of lesson plans for grades Pre-K through 12th. This site offers monthly and thematic lesson plans for teachers. From animal habitats to forecasting the weather, there are lesson plans for virtually any subject taught in home school.
  • Lesson Planz - this easily searchable website makes it quick work for home school teachers to find what they need for the grade level of their students. Subjects include literacy, math, science, social studies and book activities. Brought to you by the teachers at Mailbox and Teacher's Helper.
  • - has over 4,300 lesson plans that have been written by teachers. Find plans for any subject written for students in grades Pre-K through 12th. In addition to the typical classroom subjects, find plans for special education and advanced placement classes.
  • The Teacher's Corner - find hundreds of free lesson plans and printables for every subject on this site. Find thematic plans, monthly plans, calendars and free worksheets for all of your teaching needs.
  • A to Z Teacher Stuff - whether you are teaching a unit on dinosaurs or need your high school student to understand Archimedes' Principal, there are these lesson plans and more available for free download. In addition, there are lesson plans for special education and ESL classes.

Special Lesson Plans

Sometimes a teacher has to come up with some extraordinary lesson plans when students are choosing the direction that a unit is taking. Luckily, there are many unique lesson plans available on the Internet. Whether you're searching for home school lessons on termites or want to learn more about ghosts in New England, odds are there are lesson plans written on the subject.

  • Pest World for Kids - one of the more unique lesson plan websites on the Internet. Learn about common household pests through a variety of interesting activities including coloring pages, shuffle cards, storyboards and more for grades K-8. The website is approved by the National Science Teacher's Association.
  • Colonial House - learn about life during the 1620's with these free lesson plans from PBS.
  • Teacher Vision - offers a wide variety of unique lesson plans including New England Cooking, Preparing for a Hurricane, AIDS, Sign Language and many more.
  • American Folklore - teach about America using interesting lesson plans. Choose from topics like Spooky New England, American Folk Heroes, Appalachian Mountain Humor and more.
  • Bugs - if your students can't get enough of studying bugs, visit Crayola's website. In addition to lesson plans there are other free printables including everyone's favorite - coloring pages.

Enrich Your Student's Curriculum

Free lesson plans are perfect for the busy teacher and mom. They can help to streamline classroom activities or help students and teachers discover new unit ideas to add to their curriculum. If you're looking for ways to expand your curriculum and a student's view of the world, consider adding some lesson plans generated by teachers on the Internet.

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Free Home School Lessons