Homeschool Field Trip Ideas in North Carolina

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Learn about geology through mining gems.
Gem mining makes a great science field trip.

If you live in the Tar Heel state, you have a plethora of opportunities and hands-on homeschool field trip ideas. In North Carolina, you have abundant natural resources as well as many interesting places, museums and other venues that you and your student can take advantage of. To make the most of your field trip outings, make sure you plan them around what you're studying or at least take time out of your homeschooling schedule to really help your student process what he is learning.

Homeschool Field Trip Ideas in North Carolina

While opportunities abound, the real trick is being able to associate your field trip with your area of study. Tie in local history when you are studying the broader timeline of the United States. Be consistent about pointing out notable people who came from your area of North Carolina.


To more fully enjoy an art museum, consider creating a scavenger hunt of specific things your children have to find. Bring along a camera and have children 'catalog' their finds. Use the pictures that they take to later talk about what they learned while on their trip. Consider visiting one of the following museums:

  • Ackland Art Museum - The museum houses a very large collection of artwork ranging from Ancient Egyptian pieces to modern paintings.
  • Battleship North Carolina - Watch history come alive at this exciting museum housed aboard the retired Battleship North Carolina.

American History Homeschool Field Trip Ideas in North Carolina

Whether you're studying the American Revolution or the Civil War, North Carolina has a variety of interesting places to visit and learn more.

  • Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson - Visitors can see ruins of a colonial village and the fort that was later built on top of the ruins, during the Civil War.
  • CSS Neuse II - The CSS Neuse II is a full scale civil war replica from the confederate perspective of course.
  • The Orchard at Altapass - Besides being a working orchard where you can pick your own fruit, this location offers guided hayrides along Revolutionary War trails.
  • Historic Hope Plantation - Take the time to visit a post-Revolutionary War southern plantation. The plantation offers regular and ongoing educational opportunities.

Nature and Science

If you're looking for ideas for your nature studies, you won't come up short in North Carolina. Consider visiting one of these venues:

  • Cape Fear Botanical Garden - Nestled on 79 acres near downtown Fayetteville, this botanical garden offers all sorts of educational outreach programs.
  • Cape Fear Serpentarium - This serpentarium is home to some of the world's most rare and most dangerous reptiles.
  • ECSU Planetarium - The ECSU planetarium offers a variety of ongoing outreach programs which are available to homeschoolers.
  • Emerald Village - Spend the day learning about geology as you mine for gemstones in this natural setting.
  • North Carolina Aquariums - The North Carolina Aquariums have three locations at Roanoke Island, Pine Knoll Shores, and Fort Fisher.

More Resources for Field Trips in North Carolina

If you are having trouble finding the perfect idea to go with your unit of study, try contacting the North Carolina tourism council. Here you can find ideas and activities that are both off the beaten path as well as big venues.

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Homeschool Field Trip Ideas in North Carolina