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Homeschool Helps for Moms

Lori Soard
stressed out mom

Homeschooling can be stressful at times and that's why homeschool helps for moms (and dads) is vital.

Types of Homeschooling Helps for Moms

Between educating the children, running a household and the million other things a woman has to do, the to-do list can seem rather overwhelming. Add to that the fact that many mothers try to educate older children while possibly caring for an infant and even a toddler or two and you can easily see why every homeschool parent needs some specific strategies to stay sane.

Seek Out Other Homeschoolers

Probably one of the biggest homeschooling helps for moms is other women in similar circumstances. While your family and church friends may sympathize with your homeschooling woes, no one really understands what it is like to have the entire weight and responsibility of educating your children on your shoulders like another homeschooling mom. There are many ways you can seek out other homeschool families, such as finding local homeschool support groups, online message boards and through activities your children might participate in, such as field trips, sports and the arts.

Get Help from Those More Organized Than You

If you find that you are not as organized as you'd like to be, pick the brain of those you know who are organized. You know who they are - these born organized people. They have a planner and a to-do list for everything. The organizers even have a plan for how and when to complete that to-do list. If you don't know any organizers personally, you may want to try sites such as and Homemaking 911. These sites offer many different suggestions and tips for getting organized. If your life is orderly, your homeschooling is likely to flow a bit easier too. Homemaking 911 is run by a fellow homeschooling mom, and she seems to truly get what kind of homeschooling helps for moms are needed.

Have a Plan

Even if you wind up not sticking to the plan for the day, you should probably have a plan. A plan puts you on the right track to achieving some very specific goals. Local teacher supply stores sell items such as subject planners and planners for students. Many homeschool families choose to plan out several weeks' worth of lessons, which students can check off as the lessons are completed. This is also a good resource should you need to look up what you were studying during a particular time of the year, or if there is a topic you are not yet sure if you've covered thoroughly.

Some Additional Tips to Avoid Homeschool Burnout

One of the biggest helps for homeschooling moms is to be sure you don't suffer from homeschool burnout. Since you are often the sole teacher for your children, the last thing you want is to make them suffer through a period of time when you don't want to teach. Likely, they will decide they don't want to learn and not much will get accomplished. However, if you take care of yourself, this is less likely to happen.

  • Take time to take care of you. Give yourself the gift of a little time alone each week. Even though homeschool parents often enjoy spending the extra time with their children, it is vital that the parent that is home with the children all day every day have a little time away. This can be as simple as going to the grocery store alone, taking a bubble bath or going for a walk around the neighborhood.
  • Stop beating yourself up. If you don't finish all your tasks on a given day, be flexible. Understand that even if you don't accomplish all you want, your children are likely still learning more in that one-on-one environment than they would outside of it.
  • Get help when you need it. If there is a subject you don't understand, don't be afraid to pull in a tutor or a family member whom is better at that subject to help. Join a co-op or take some outside classes.

Be open to opportunities that arise in your local homeschool community that might help you be a better homeschooling mom. Most organizations have retreats, annual dinners and guest speakers to help moms through stressful times or to help them be more organized, more patient or better prepared teachers for their children.

Homeschool Helps for Moms