Homeschool Prom

Even homeschoolers have prom!

Even homeschoolers can have a homeschool prom. It is a common misconception that teens who learn at home miss out on all of the fun in high school. Since so many homeschool families belong to networks and support groups, it is becoming more common for these groups to host their own proms.

What Is Homeschool Prom?

A homeschool prom is not much different from a high school prom, except that it isn't held in a school gymnasium. These proms are planned using many of the same prom catalog companies, similar themes and often, the same local venues. To say that a homeschool prom isn't as exciting for the attendees as the local high school prom would be an understatement.


It is always important to know how much money is available for planning the prom. A budget allows you to decide how much you have for every aspect of the prom, from renting a venue to paying for a DJ. If you have a small homeschool group and would like a bigger prom (and therefore, a bigger budget), consider asking other homeschooled teens in neighboring towns to join together and chip in for the big event.

Prom Decorations

Teens that are homeschooled put a lot of planning into their prom, much like any high school prom committee would. They order decorations and theme kits from the same companies as their local schools do. A few favorite prom planning catalogs for any committee include:

  • Stumps - one of the most established prom supply companies in the United States. Find everything you need for a celebration of any size.
  • Anderson's Prom - another popular prom decoration catalog. They offer everything you need for a memorable prom, from tiaras to backdrops.
  • ShinDigz - probably best known for their Halloween decorations, this business carries everything you need for a fabulous prom as well.
  • Oriental Trading - most homeschool parents are familiar with the Oriental Trading Company's art supplies. They also carry a wide selection of prom decorations as well.
  • Prom Nite - one of the newer prom decoration businesses, this company carries everything trendy for this year's prom.

Prom Location

Even if you don't have a high school gymnasium available, there are plenty of other places to hold prom. Many places that host homeschool play dates and support groups are also large enough to hold a prom. These may include a local Knights of Columbus, community centers, YMCA or YWCA, hotels and restaurants (think of popular local locations for wedding receptions). All you need is a place to put up enough tables and a floor to dance on.

If you are planning on decorating the facility, plan this along with someone who works at the chosen location. Local fire codes may dictate which type of decorations you are able to use.

Food and Beverages

A prom doesn't have to be a catered affair, but snacks and drinks are expected. After all, who will have the energy to dance the night away without a little sustenance? At some locations, using their food and beverage service is required. Discuss all options with the management before renting any facility, especially if the prom committee is on a tight budget.


Just because the prom is a homeschool prom doesn't mean renting a limo is out of the question. All teens would like to have at least one ride in a limo, and the prom is the perfect excuse. If the homeschool prom is scheduled on the same weekend as the local high school prom, rent the limo early to avoid disappointment.

Prom Attire

All prom gown and tuxedo rental stores cater to everyone - not just the teens from the local high school. There isn't any requirement to be met, other than to be able to afford your selected outfit. Since prom season is always busy, be sure to rent tuxedos at least a month before the prom. Shop early for prom gowns as well to find the best selection.

A prom is one of the most popular ways to commemorate becoming a young adult in today's society. Being homeschooled doesn't mean you have to skip this big event. Get together with other homeschool families in the area to plan your special night to remember.

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