LDS Homeschool Programs

LDS homeschool program

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church, that homeschool have a choice of LDS homeschool programs, teaching methods and curricula.

LDS Homeschooling: An Overview

Parents that choose LDS homeschooling believe in teaching their children the importance of their religious beliefs along with academic studies. The teaching of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, learning about the prophets and studying of the scriptures are all stressed in order to build strong spiritual and moral character.


LDS homeschooling families are free to choose their preferred teaching method and curriculum resources. Homeschool methods used by LDS families include:

  • Charlotte Mason
  • Classical Education Model also known as the Trivium Model or the Seven Liberal Arts
  • Dr. Ruth Beechick - The Three R's Method
  • Lapbooks - also known as mini books, flap books or foldables
  • Montessori
  • Public Schools Online
  • Thomas Jefferson Education
  • Unit Studies
  • Unschooling
  • Waldorf Method
  • An eclectic mixture of different methods

LDS Support Groups for Each Educational Method

Each of the teaching methods and program choices are supported through online forums and yahoo groups made up of other LDS homeschooling families. Members of the groups offer support and ideas relating to homeschooling and LDS issues, concerns and problems. An excellent example of a method specific support group is the yahoo group for the Classical Model of LDS homeschooling. The goal of the forum is to help each family learn to apply the principles and beliefs of their religion, including the teachings of the latter-day prophets and restored gospel into the Classical Education method.

In addition to support groups that are method specific, there are also many that are state or region specific that can be found through national groups. LDS natioanl support groups include:

LDS Homeschool Programs

LDS families that choose to homeschool also choose from various LDS homeschooling programs that they incorporate into their homeschool instruction. The purpose of the LDS homeschool program is to provide the educational resources for the religious aspect of the LDS homeschool curriculum. Some LDS homeschooling families choose to put together their own religious instructional materials from those offered from websites including:

Discover the Book of Mormons

Designed for grades 1-3 the Book of Mormons is for beginning or independent readers. It includes readings of the Church, copywork, and memory verses. There are also games, puzzles and questions pertaining to the Mormon religion. This instructional program includes a textbook, a workbook and the complete program on a CD.

Kimber Academy Homeschool

The curriculum of the Kimber Academy combines secular and gospel teaching with a strong emphasis on the unity of the family. As a supplement to their homeschooling curriculum, Kimber Academy offers a distance learning program for junior and senior classes. The classes consist of videos of the core curriculum classes filmed live at the Murray Kimber Academy.

Additional LDS Homeschool Resources

If you are interested in an LDS education for your family, there are many LDS homeschool programs, methods and curriculum choices available.

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LDS Homeschool Programs