Lesson Plans for Teaching Computer Skills

Teaching technology skills

Lesson plans for teaching computer skills enhance students' abilities in basic keyboard skills, mouse use, safe internet searching, and software use. Such lesson plans begin with simple keyboarding skills, with subsequent plans using creative projects to help students demonstrate what they've learned. Depending upon the age and skill of your children, you can find basic plans, advanced plans, and very specific plans online.

Basic Technology Skills

There's no doubt about it; we live in a highly technological world. You probably have one or more computers in the house, digital audio equipment, computerized appliances, and much more. Children grow up watching their parents and older siblings type on a computer keyboard and wield a mouse. Home schooled students are no exception.

More lesson plans for teaching computer skills begin with basic keyboard skills. The QWERTY keyboard remains the standard in the United States for most computer users. Students start by learning where to place their hands to find "home", how to easily use the letter keys, and how to use the number keys. They may also learn simple keyboard shortcuts. Mouse skills are also important. Many beginner lesson plans use a simple computerized game such as jacks to increase eye-hand coordination among young students learning how to click on objects on the screen. Student then progress to using various software, with word processing and graphic software the most commonly taught software. Other applications students may wish to learn include the use of scanners and spreadsheets.

Internet use is a big topic among educators. Home schooled students often rely upon the Internet as a source of information for various projects, as well as for social interaction among other students and peers. It's important to include lessons in the mix that help students evaluate information and information sources online, since anyone can post anything online without verification. It's also important to teach children online safety, such as never giving out personal information to strangers and staying away from adults-only online chat rooms.

Lesson Plans for Teaching Computer Skills

While you can certainly put together basic lessons plans for teaching computer skills, there really are a wealth of lesson plans available online. Many are geared towards classroom learning but can be easily adapted to the home schooling family.

  • Teach Nology offers dozens of lesson plans. Some are basic while others provide creative ways for students to demonstrate computer proficiency. For example, one lesson plan lets kids pretend to create an ad campaign for a product. They use different software applications and techniques to create their project.
  • The Lesson Plan Page provides many lesson plans, including some on Microsoft Office software, such as PowerPoint. Students can learn the basics of safe net surfing or complete lessons on using specific software programs.
  • Texas Department of Education offers dozens of links to technology lesson plans, with many housed on other websites. Some of these lessons are appropriate for older home schooled students.
  • Lesson Plans focuses on computer skills, such as drawing on the computer, using word processing programs, and creating things like bullet point lists. It breaks down many common tasks into simple lessons.

Using the computer, troubleshooting problems, safe net surfing and using software programs are essential skills and tasks for today's student. Fortunately, home schooling parents have many options and lots of free lesson plans to choose from to teach these valuable skills.

Lesson Plans for Teaching Computer Skills