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Life of Fred Math

Life of Fred Fractions
Life of Fred Fractions

Life of Fred math curriculum provides upper division math instruction using a unique and innovative teaching method. Though the mathematics offered in these textbook programs feature the same information found in grade-comparable text, it is the teaching method that stands out as truly different in its design to overcome the confusion and ennui of ordinary math instruction.

The Life of Fred Math Approach

Math is a difficult subject for many students, particularly because certain mathematical concepts are not obviously applicable to daily life. Students often get caught up in numbers and symbols without any idea as to why these algebraic puzzles are useful. As a result, many students simply lose interest in the subject while others fail entirely, and still others become stressed as they struggle to move up in grade levels.

Life of Fred math seeks first to make the instruction engaging for students by using a humorous storyline. Each Life of Fred textbook is written in the style of a novel and it is chock full of amusing anecdotes that grab the reader's interest and make the mathematical instruction into a fascinating storyline. Through this approach alone, even if a child has no interest in math, he is likely to be interested in the story, and so the child learns math as a byproduct.

Another important factor for homeschooling parents to keep in mind is that Life of Fred textbooks are made to be gripping and clear without any need for extra textual interpretation from an outside source. Hence, these books are meant to teach the reader. There is no need for a teacher to be up at the chalkboard interpreting the information within the text. This is a vital concept for the world of learning, because all books should be written with such intent. A book ought to be clear enough in its teaching that it doesn't require its information to be re-explained through an outside source.

Homeschooling mothers of multiple children will benefit from curriculums that are designed to aid self-teaching methods.

Academic and Purchasing Information

The official Life of Fred website is an essential resource for getting started on the math track. This site contains all the information necessary for tracking exactly where your child is when it comes to book placement. Children who are not quite ready for Life of Fred books can glean suggestions as to what early-level math books will provide the instruction necessary for preparing a student for the Life of Fred curriculum.

One of the great perks of this math program is that the books are nearly half the price of competing math curriculums. Most Life of Fred books sell for considerably less than the books of companies such as Abeka and Saxon. A parent can also allay her fears when it comes to the comprehensive qualities of such instruction. The Life of Fred program is geared to provide homeschoolers with all the information necessary to meet the SAT standards while preparing a child for college.

This math program can be purchased from the official website.

Homeschooling Reviews

A parent should always look past the initial claims of companies when purchasing a curriculum. Aspects such as ease of instruction and applicability are important factors in choosing math programs. There are several avenues available for parents who are seeking reviews on a particular product, and these reviews can often prove more valuable than the instructional theories behind a curriculum.

You can read through a thorough review of the Life of Fred program at Also, individual Life of Fred texts will often have reviews posted alongside the product on It's also a good idea to search through homeschooling forums and ask around regarding the longevity of positive results experienced with these products. Overall, this math series does seem to support its claims, leaving a trail of both happy students and homeschooling parents!

Life of Fred Math