List of State Birds

Valorie Delp
This California Valley Quail is the state bird of California.

When you're studying the United States, you might want a list of state birds to include in your research.

A List of State Birds

The following list of states birds is organized alphabetically by state.

Alabama -Yellowhammer
Alaska - Willow Ptarmigan
Arizona - Cactus Wren
Arkansas - Mockingbird
California - California Valley Quail
Colorado - Lark Bunting
Connecticut - Robin
Delaware - Blue Hen Chicken
Florida - Mockingbird
Georgia - Brown Thrasher
Hawaii - Nene
Idaho - Mountain Bluebird
Illinois - Cardinal
Indiana - Cardinal
Iowa - Eastern Goldfinch
Kansas - Western Meadowlark

The cardinal is the state bird of seven states.

Kentucky - Cardinal
Louisiana - Eastern Brown Pelican
Maine - Chickadee
Maryland -Baltimore Oriole
Massachusetts - Chickadee
Michigan - Robin
Minnesota - Common Loon
Mississippi - Mockingbird
Missouri - Bluebird
Montana - Western Meadowlark
Nebraska - Western Meadowlark
Nevada - Mountain Bluebird
New Hampshire - Purple Finch
New Jersey - Eastern Goldfinch
New Mexico - Roadrunner
New York - Bluebird
North Carolina - Cardinal
North Dakota - Western Meadowlark
Ohio - Cardinal
Oklahoma - Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Oregon - Western Meadowlark
Pennsylvania - Ruffed Grouse
Rhode Island - Rhode Island Red
South Carolina - Great Carolina Wren
South Dakota - Ring-necked Pheasant
Tennessee - Mockingbird
Texas - Mockingbird
Utah - Common American Gull
Vermont - Hermit Thrush
Virginia - Cardinal
Washington -Willow Goldfinch
West Virginia - Cardinal
Wisconsin - Robin
Wyoming - Western Meadowlark

Other Information to Collect While Studying the United States

In addition to your list of state birds, you may also want to compile a list of state trees, and a list of state flowers. For and advanced study project, use the information that you compiled for each state and think about what the choice of state bird, flower and tree tells YOU about the climate of that regions of the United States.

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List of State Birds