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MCP Press Phonics
MCP Press Phonics

Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) is a resource for homeschoolers who are looking to supplement and fortify their children's curriculum. This product line creates learning materials primarily for grade-school level children who are experiencing difficulties in the areas of phonics, spelling and math.

Why Use Modern Curriculum Press?

Homeschooling parents, and even public or private school parents, are often baffled by how bland and unclear textbook materials can be in regards to their instruction. Many children become lost or completely lack stimulation when it comes to textbook curriculums, which is why MCP has become an invaluable resource for children who need simple, direct and thorough instruction in areas of basic education

A child that can master his phonics, reading and basic math can essentially teach himself anything within the limits of his intelligence quotient. This is why the fundamentals of reading and math are so vital to a child's education. A child that becomes frustrated during the basic levels will often lack the motivation to proceed to higher areas of instruction and will begin to wane as a student. MCP has sought to create learning systems that will fortify these basic learning elements and encourage children to advance in their education.

MCP is often used to supplement a child's public school curriculum in the event that a textbook instruction is unclear. In fact, "clear" is basically the instructional keyword of MCP materials. Though the learning methods are very basic and may not be suitable for advanced students, MCP is an ideal choice for struggling children who need extra support and a concise, lucid teaching source. When using MCP materials there is an emphasis on the "one step at a time" approach rather than a more complex teaching method. Faster students can grasp multiple concepts in a single learning period, but children who become confused will need to backtrack and proceed slowly. Small steps and additional reviews define the MCP method.

MCP Products

The three areas that MCP covers are phonics, spelling and math. Again, these are the basics of a child's functional education. Without these three elements a child will have a difficult time functioning well in society and even more so within the modern education system.

MCP products run from kindergarten levels to grade six, and are divided by letter levels. For example, the initial phonics system is classified as Modern Curriculum Press Phonics Level A. These letter levels make it easy for parents to continue their child's work through the MCP materials. A is followed by B and so forth. Math and spelling materials follow in a similar fashion.

You can purchase MCP products almost any place where homeschooling materials are sold. This includes the popular online book resource and also Always look for the most recent editions if possible.

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