Online Homeschools in Maryland

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Online homeschools in Maryland enable students to learn from home using the computer. Students can take classes at home through Maryland Virtual School Program. The virtual school program uses public school teachers to teach students who are learning remotely. The students in this and other online homeschools in Maryland must be able to learn independently and have a strong support system. The program is set up to allow students to take credits at home, but it is not a complete diploma program, meaning that students who are accepted into the program cannot earn a diploma. The online program has high school courses in math, science, English, and computers. Several advanced placement are offered for students who need to take the class and pass the Advanced Placement test for college credit. Students must be enrolled in Maryland public schools, get permission from the local school system or be enrolled in private program that is approved by the Maryland public school system.

Online Homeschools in Maryland: The MUST School

MUST provides online homeschooling, serving students in Maryland. The program provides homeschool credits. The MUST program allows homeschooled students to earn a diploma online, by taking 16 credits. The courses include classes in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. The MUST program is a self-study program which is designed to prepare homeschooled students or future employment opportunities. Tuition for the MUST program is $25 per month, with the total tuition at around $1,200. Books are included in the program. Homeschooling students in Maryland has its advantages because books are included in tuition for most programs that are accessible to Maryland students. That means that parents do not have to waste time looking for homeschool materials. The online homeschools in Maryland save time because parents do not have to worry about preparing a homeschool curriculum. Programs that provide a diploma may help to provide additional credibility, help with record keeping, and easing problems associated with entering college with a homeschool education. The MUST program provides complete homeschool programs with different courses to choose from so high school students can receive an education similar to that of public or private schooled students while taking their classes at home.

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Online Homeschools in Maryland