Online Homeschools in Maryland

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Online homeschools in Maryland enable students to learn from home using the computer. Students can take classes at home through public Maryland virtual school programs and through private programs. Explore online virtual homeschool programs available for Maryland students.

Public Maryland Virtual School Programs

Until 2019, Maryland did not have any online public homeschool programs available for students. However, according the Maryland Homeschool Association, two pilot programs started for the 2019-2020 school year.

Kent County Blended Learning Academy

Kent County School District in Maryland is offering a 1-year blended learning program for online students. This is a pilot program that allows homeschoolers to receive online schooling for grades 6-12th. The blended program is completely free and requires homeschoolers to attend one class a week and take tests at the school. Students can complete their work at their own pace and are eligible for special education services. Upon entering the program, they will receive a laptop and graduates of the blended program will receive a high school diploma.

Queen Anne's County Virtual Academy

In 2019, the Queen Anne's County Maryland school district offered a K-8th entirely online program for previously homeschooled children. Kids can work at their own pace, but some classes have live teachers. The program is a free public program and follows state testing guidelines. Students will also be provided special education services if they qualify. Much like the Kent program, students are given a laptop that must be returned to the district upon unenrollment.

How Public Virtual Schools Work

Public virtual school programs use public school teachers to teach students who are learning remotely. The students in these online homeschools in Maryland must be able to learn independently and have a strong support system. The program is set up to allow students to take credits and complete the curriculum at home. Students must be enrolled in the Maryland public school that is offering the online program and must have been homeschooled the previous year.

Private Homeschools For Maryland Students

In addition to programs that are specifically in Maryland, there are several private, tuition-based online schooling programs that parents of Maryland students can check out. These programs are offered nationally and are accredited in the U.S. These programs include:

  • Connections Academy - This is a K-12 accredited, international school that offered a pilot program to Maryland students in 2007. Tuition starts at $5,000 for a full year. The program itself is based in Maryland but currently doesn't offer a public program.
  • K12 International Academy - This is an accredited, tuition-based program for K-12 students. It meets U.S. requirements for a high school diploma and is offered worldwide. Tuition starts at about $5,000 and includes virtual field trips for homeschoolers.
  • The Keystone School - A flexible learning program offered for K-12 students, Keystone offers varied curriculum models to meet individual needs. Tuition starts at $2,500 for elementary students. In addition to K-12 learning, the program offers credit recovery and adult learning.
  • The George Washington University Online High School - This online school is available to Maryland homeschoolers and offers virtual classes through the George Washington University. Available only for high schoolers, the annual tuition is $12,000 a year but includes intensive 1 on 1 teacher support.

Laws for Homeschooling in Maryland

When it comes to homeschooling in Maryland there are several terms that you must comply with to be able to homeschool your child virtually. Home School Legal Defense Association discusses four different options including homeschooling under the portfolio options, homeschooling under the church umbrella, homeschooling under the church-exempt school umbrella and homeschooling under the state-approved school umbrella. The state-approved umbrella is what Maryland homeschoolers will fall under.

Finding Your Homeschool in Maryland

If you are looking for a virtual homeschool in Maryland, your options are limited. There are a few pilot homeschool virtual programs that Maryland homeschoolers can take advantage of. You can also find some private, international schools available. Check out the different program options to find an affordable program to meet your needs.

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Online Homeschools in Maryland