Printable List of Prepositions

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When studying grammar, a printable list of prepositions proves to be a handy resource. If you need help downloading the printable list, check out these helpful tips.

Using a Printable List of Prepositions

About Prepositions

A preposition is one of the eight parts of speech. Its purpose is to link other words and show relationships through the use of prepositional phrases.

Teaching Ideas

Depending on your teaching philosophies and specific lesson plans, you may want to do one of the following with a list:

  • Print a copy and place on the wall or a bulletin board so your children can check it as needed.
  • Ask your child to memorize the printable list of prepositions, so she will immediately recognize prepositions when she encounters them in a sentence.

Additional Note

Note that some common prepositions can also function as other parts of speech, depending on their use in the sentence. For instance, in the sentence "I have known the news since yesterday," since is part of the prepositional phrase "since yesterday." However, in the sentence, "Since I heard the news, I haven't been able to sleep," since functions as a conjunction. Although a list of prepositions is a handy tool, it is also important that children can recognize the relationship of words within a specific sentence.

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Printable List of Prepositions