Printable Synonym Worksheets

Susan Patterson
thinking of synonyms

Teaching synonyms helps students gain a deeper understanding of words and their relationships to each other. In addition, synonyms help expand a child's vocabulary from an early age and improve reading and comprehension skills. Students who are adept at using synonyms also have stronger writing skills and are often able to think more critically. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Farm Synonym Worksheet

Once young children learn to read you can begin to teach synonyms. Before doing the synonym worksheet, make sure that all of the children understand what a synonym is. Write several synonym examples on the board. Read all of the words on the synonym worksheet and make sure that the children know what each word means. Some students may need help with cutting.

Garden Synonym Worksheet

Students in second and third can improve their reading and comprehension skills by learning synonyms. Teach basic dictionary skills by having students look up any words for which they do not know the meaning. Once students are finished with the garden worksheet, ask for volunteers to read the story.

Choose the Best Word Synonym Worksheet

Once children reach fourth and fifth grades, they should be challenged to find synonyms out of a group of words. Both synonyms and antonyms help to expand vocabulary and improve reading and sentence structure skills. Allow students to use a dictionary to find the meaning of any words they are not familiar with.

"RE" Synonym Worksheet

Students in 6th grade have a rapidly expanding vocabulary and combining a continued understanding of synonyms with prefixes and suffixes helps to round out many basic language arts concepts. Have the children write the dictionary definition of each word before they begin the worksheet. This will make completing the sheet easier.

Synonyms for Better Language Arts

When your student is finished with the worksheets, put the sheets in a binder, and use them as a mini-thesaurus to help students improve their writing skills. Encourage students to use stronger synonyms for weaker ones. In addition, help your student figure out which words are weaker and which ones make for stronger writing. All of this not only helps improve writing skills, but it goes a long way to improve reading comprehension as well.

Printable Synonym Worksheets