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Rainbow Resources homeschool supplies cover all subject areas and grade levels, making it a one-stop shop for homeschooling families. Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience, Rainbow Resource Center is worth a look.

About the Rainbow Resources Homeschool Company

The Rainbow Resource Center began in 1989 as a family business dedicated to homeschooling families. The family homeschooled all of their own children, giving them firsthand knowledge of the needs of homeschooling families. In the beginning, the family handled all of the operations of the business, including traveling to conventions with their kids. They distributed the products from their garage. They currently have 37 full time employees and more seasonal employees. They have also moved their distribution center from the garage to a large warehouse.

Company Goals

Rainbow Resource Center focuses on providing quality products at an affordable price for all educators, particularly homeschooling families. They also provide reviews of the products to give customers a basis for selecting materials. The family believes that each homeschooling situation is unique and there is no one right way to homeschool. They have homeschool consultants on staff that help customers select the best materials for their needs.

Homeschool Products

The Rainbow Resources homeschool lineup includes over 40,000 educational products. Their wide selection makes it easy for homeschooling families to find all of the needed materials for teaching children at home. You can mix and match the products to come up with your own ideal teaching curriculum.

Types of Materials

The Rainbow Resource Center sells products for every subject area, including extras such as art, crafts and music. They have both books that serve as resources and actual learning tools to use with your kids. You will find books that provide lesson and instruction ideas for you as the teacher. The product list also includes workbooks and books with reproducible pages to use with the kids.

The learning tool selection is also varied. A small sampling of the hands-on tools includes:

  • Plastic math counters
  • Balance scales
  • Test tubes
  • pH paper
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Magnetic letters
  • 3-D maps

Curriculum Starter Packages

Not sure which curriculum to choose? Rainbow Resource Center offers their curriculum starter packages for kindergarten through eighth grade. The kits combine a variety of curriculum materials and are designed for those new to homeschooling who want to jump right in. They boast ease of use with these packages. The curriculum kits focus on a strong academic basis while working with a variety of learning styles.


The prices of the products from Rainbow Resource Center are very affordable. One of their main goals is to provide quality products that don't cost a fortune. In addition to the reasonable regular prices, they have a section of clearance items offered at a reduced price. Some of the items are close to 50 percent off. The website also includes a Bargain Books section for more discounted items.


Rainbow Resource Center offers both print catalogs and website ordering for its customers. The website organizes products based on subject and also allows you to search by keyword, item number, ISBN, title, publisher and author. The website has a link for a catalog request if you prefer a hard copy. Catalog orders are accepted over the phone, through fax and by mail, giving plenty of options to all customers.

Homeschooling Made Easy

Rainbow Resources homeschool products simplify the homeschooling process. You can pick and choose the resources that fit your teaching style without creating all of the materials from scratch. Whether you purchase a few supplemental materials or a full line of homeschooling resource products, Rainbow Resource Center carries a wide selection for all teaching and learning styles.

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