Saxon Phonics


Saxon Phonics is part of one of the most popular curriculum lines utilized by today's homeschooling families. While the Saxon programs were not originally conceived for homeschool use, they have proven as effective in the one-on-one setting as they are in the traditional classroom environment.

The Saxon Phonics Concept

Saxon phonics is a systematic and structured multisensory approach to learning based on the concept of learning new skills on an incremental basis. Each step builds upon the last with frequent review sessions. This approach is geared towards helping students maintain skills already mastered as they continue to build new ones. Continuous review is an integral part of this phonics program, with previous lessons reinforced in varying forms, keeping review fresh and engaging, rather than repetitive and boring.

This easy to use program comes complete with well-organized teaching manuals, review materials, tests and worksheets to reinforce each step towards grasping new concepts. Lessons are clear and scripted, making the curriculum easy for the beginning homeschooling family, even for parents who have not been taught to read using phonics.

Pros of the Saxon Program

There are quite a few positives in the Saxon Phonics Program. The Florida Center for Reading says that the program is founded on principles that have been repeatedly tested and proven effective in helping young readers.

  • The repetition really helps struggling readers with decoding words.
  • It's easy to plan lessons because a script is given for the parent/teacher to read.
  • There are games and other activities to make learning fun for students.
  • The program can be reused by other students by buying new workbooks.
  • The Saxon Phonics Intervention program is designed to provide a comprehensive remedial program to help children who are performing below grade level in the areas of reading and spelling.
  • Each new grade level reviews the skills learned in the previous school year, keeping that previously acquired knowledge fresh in the minds of students even as they go on to acquire more advanced skills
  • According to Home School Reviews, the coding system is very helpful in helping children dissect larger words
  • It's a good program for special needs children, according to The National Right to Read Foundation.

Cons of the Saxon Program

Every program has some negative points. Here are the cons regarding the Saxon program.

  • The repetition can get boring for advanced readers.
  • The pages in some editions are made from thin paper, which makes them rip easily and hard to reuse.
  • Some of the levels rely heavily on the parent to explain the lesson the child.

Saxon Track Record

Saxon phonics programs have been used with success in a variety of educational environments, from the public and private school classrooms to homeschooling families. Suitable for a range of learning styles, Saxon Phonics has gained quite a following with its clear, user-friendly lesson plans and comprehensive language skills and reading instruction, receiving many good reviews and recommendations from many education professionals as well as parents.

Where to Buy Saxon Phonics Program

Using the Saxon Phonics Program can help students learn how to read faster than many other programs. It has many positive reviews and is loved by parents who appreciate the fact that they have a script to read.

Saxon Phonics