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A Christian homeschool prom offers a unique opportunity for Christian homeschoolers to gather together for a memorable prom that celebrates their faith and this special rite of passage at the same time. Many Christian students have made purity commitments. Christian proms may take this into consideration by splitting up boys and girls or having very strict standards of conduct at the dance. Most Christian-based homeschool groups offer some sort of prom or banquet for high school students in their organization.

Ideas for Christian Prom for Homeschoolers

The idea of a prom can mean different things to different people. The prom committee should consider the standards and values of the various members of the group, when planning the prom. One family may think a song or dress is acceptable while another might think those selections are truly immoral. For example, some organizations choose to hold a banquet as some families do not condone dancing. Others may have a dance, but play Christian music. There are many other ideas for making your homeschool prom truly unique and successful.

  • Separate Proms: To accommodate those who prefer that their children do not date until they are ready to marry, you may want to consider holding separate proms for the boys and girls in your group. Usually these take the form of a mother/son dance or a father/daughter dance.
  • Dance Etiquette: If you choose to hold a coed prom, then you may want to come up with some dance etiquette. Look to some of the rules of balls from the 19th century for ideas, such as using dance cards or not dancing with the same partner more than twice.
  • Play Christian Music: Christian parents and students alike may find the lyrics in some of today's popular music objectionable. Offering upbeat, Christian songs can be a good solution.
  • Inspirational Speeches: Some homeschool proms replace the crowning of the prom queen and king with inspirational speeches or devotions. It is probably best to choose a few of the students to give these speeches.
  • Theme: The theme of the prom can reflect Christian values. Themes could include anything from Noah's Ark to famous people from the Bible complete with costumes instead of formal gowns and tuxes.
  • Charity: Some groups choose to turn their prom into a benefit dance and donate the money to a Christian charity or to help a needy family in the group.
  • Door Prizes: Consider writing local businesses and asking for donations for door prizes.

The prom committee may only use a few of the ideas above as they plan the prom. One of the best ways to pick up good ideas is to consult with someone who has already planned a Christian prom for homeschoolers in the past. Another option is to hold a meeting where parents are invited and can offer input.

Christian Homeschool Prom Organization

There is a specific organization in Texas called Christian Homeschool Prom, which operated for 11 years and recently became the Texas Christian Homeschool Prom. The prom is held in Dallas/Fort Worth each year in April and can have anywhere from 300 to 600 young people in attendance. Some of the prom themes for this event have included:

  • The Golden Age of Cinema
  • A Victorian Walk in the Park
  • Twilight in Paris
  • Midnight on the Mediterranean

The organization offers dance lessons leading up to the big event. The event is open to homeschoolers and a homeschooler may bring a guest that is not homeschooled. The event has some pretty clear guidelines on everything from code of conduct to dress code to dance etiquette. Students must be at least 14 years old and a high school freshman to attend. The oldest a student can be is 18 years old.

Memories of a Lifetime

The memories from prom can last a lifetime. Consider hiring a photographer or getting someone in the homeschool group to record those special memories. By sticking to Christian principles, you'll be able to put on a prom that is fun, but also glorifies God.

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