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Homeschool Daily Planner

Lori Soard
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You'll find sample planners online.

A homeschool daily planner can keep you on task throughout the day. Whether you write out step-by-step instructions for each subject you plan to teach, or you simply use the planner to jot down activities for the day or to kfeep track of appointments, a planner will help you get more organized in your daily tasks. Being more organized creates more time for important learning moments in your home.

Ideas for Using a Homeschool Daily Planner

The way that a homeschool family uses a daily planner is likely as individual as each family's personal method of homeschooling. Even if you follow an unschooling method, a daily planner might be helpful in helping you track different activities throughout your day or keeping up on books that have been read or field trips you've taken. A planner can also help you keep track of the number of days you've homeschooled. This can be very helpful if you live in a state that requires that you keep an attendance log. Use the planner to track:

  • Upcoming events with your local homeschool organization or other families
  • Private lessons (music, art, etc.)
  • Track activities for unit studies
  • Plan Bible study time for Christian homeschool families
  • Keep notes on things you feel your child needs to review
  • Detailed notes on subject plans and daily tasks (for those following a curriculum or creating their own)
  • Attendance

Choose a Homeschool Daily Planner

There are different daily planners you can choose for your homeschool. Each planner may have a different focus and layout. Some planners are free to download online, while others must be purchased. Another option is to create your own daily planner with a computer program or in a simple blank notebook. Which daily planner you choose is ultimately based on what suits the needs of your family best.

Planners Specifically for Homeschooling

There are several planners available that are made specifically for homeschool families. Some of these planners have a Christian theme and some are secular. A homeschool-specific planner may more closely match your organizational needs as a family. However, some homeschoolers find that daily planners made for teachers work well in their homeschool. Typically, a homeschool family that follows a formal curriculum will find a teacher's planner more useful than a homeschool family that takes a more informal approach.

Generic Daily Planners

Another option that may work for simple notes and record-keeping purposes is using a generic daily planner. These can be purchased at your local office supply store. There are many of these planners available, including planners for moms that have detachable shopping lists and stickers to place throughout as reminders of birthdays and appointments. Online retailers offer items like:

Printable Daily Plans

If you're on a budget or you just like a little more flexibility with your planner, you will find several resources online that offer free sheets you can print. These sheets can be hole punched and placed in a binder or kept loose in a folder. You'll find printable homeschool planners for each day at these sites:

Make Your Own

If none of the choices above appeal to you, a do-it-yourself planner may be the best solution. A simple blank journal or spiral bound notebook can be used. Simply date the top of the page and draw any separating lines you find helpful. If you are familiar with your computer's word processing program, you may want to create planner pages and print them out on your computer. You can have the pages spiral bound for a few dollars at most office supply stores.

Homeschool Daily Planner