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Grammar is one of the cornerstones of language arts. While there is much debate over how to teach grammar, when to teach grammar, and even if you have to teach grammar; most parents approach grammar at least a few times during the course of their child's education. Fortunately, there are an abundance of grammar programs to consider.

Choosing a Grammar Curriculum

Choosing a curriculum can be the most important step in teaching grammar to homeschool students. Most grammar curriculums build on prior learning, making it important to consider your student's current learning level and understanding of basic English concepts.

Cozy Grammar Courses

Although some homeschool students learn well just following textbook instructions, others require systematic instruction that parents are not always able to supply. Cozy Grammar Courses are educational DVD courses that provide an on-screen system of learning that includes the instruction of a qualified English teacher. The grammar, punctuation and essay writing lessons encompass a variety of learning modes that can help address your homeschool student's individual style of learning. These courses include basic grammar, punctuation, essay and spelling and are appropriate for children age nine through adult learners.

The Grammar Key

This streamlined homeschool grammar program addresses the needs of both visual and auditory learners. The first workbook in this program addresses the primary grammar concepts suitable for children in both first and second grades. The Grammar Practice workbooks go all the way from first grade through sixth grade, while introducing individual concepts that build on one another. This program includes card packs that provide quick diagrams and explanations to help students quickly recall the proper sentence structure and help eliminate frustration, especially in the early stages of grammar education.

Bob Jones University

A long-time provider of homeschool curriculums, Bob Jones University, or BJU Press, offers English grammar and writing courses in the form of subject kits. Each kit focuses on a single grade, starting with first grade and continuing through twelfth grade. The first grade kit focuses on phonics, while the kits for older students incorporate a heavier concentration on grammar skills. Each kit includes a variety of learning materials, such as compact discs, visual flip charts, workbooks and teacher's toolkits. These kits are complete and intended to provide all the necessary materials for an entire year of learning.

Winston Grammar

Unlike some homeschool grammar programs, Winston Grammar Program eliminates the tradition textbook method of teaching. This program uses multi-sensory activities, such as moving, seeing, hearing and speaking, to introduce and review new concepts. Winston Grammar uses color-coded cards that relate to each aspect of multi-sensory learning. This program begins with level concepts for early grammar students and concludes with advanced level topics for older homeschool students.

Easy Grammar Systems

The Easy Grammar Systems include a daily review at the beginning of every lesson to help emphasize new concepts and provide reinforcement. The daily teaching plans follow a content and sequence method, beginning with students in third grade and continuing through twelfth grade. If you student thrives on repetition, this program would suit him well.

Choose the Best for Your Student

Although there are plenty of homeschool grammar curriculums and learning tools available to choose from, the best choice for your homescool depends on your student's individual learning style and current understanding of grammar concepts. Since many companies teach concepts systematically, continuing with one type of curriculum can help provide a comprehensive method of building new concepts on prior knowledge.

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