Homeschool Graduation Speech

Homeschool graduate

Parents and students may be wondering if a homeschool graduation speech is needed as the student completes the end of his homeschool career and moves toward life after high school. There are valid reasons to have a speech to mark this very special occasion. Not only does a speech help to recognize the hard work a student has put into completing his education, but it can offer advice and hope for life after high school at home. The occasion may even call for speeches from different people in the graduate's life.

Homeschool Graduation Speech Ideas

Whether the homeschooled student is participating in a group graduation through the local homeschool association, or the family is having a small ceremony at home, the homeschool graduation speech should be one that the graduate remembers for years to come. There are many different topics that can be covered. The student, parents and those who are close to the graduate may all want to say a few words.

Speech Topic Ideas for the Student

  • The advantages homeschooling brought to the student
  • A thank you speech to the parents for opportunities
  • Opportunities the student will be taking in the future
  • Funny moments and quirky stories
  • Sharing his faith and how homeschooling helped him grow in that faith
  • Why the student is happy he was schooled at home and not in a traditional school
  • Memories of other homeschool students graduating with the student
  • The graduates talents and passions and how homeschooling helped him pursue them

Speech Topic Ideas for the Parents

  • Why the parents made the decision to homeschool
  • Challenges with homeschooling over the years
  • The growth the parents have seen in their child
  • Time they were able to spend with their child as homeschoolers
  • Special trips and activities that their family was able to participate in as homeschoolers that they might not have been able to do if their child was traditionally schooled
  • What the parents gave up to homeschool (a second income, for example) and why the sacrifice was worth it
  • Why the parents think principles learned while homeschooling will serve the student well in the future

Speech Topic Ideas for Friends and Family Members

Close friends and family members of a homeschool graduate may be asked to say a few words at the ceremony or the graduation party. Here are a few ideas for speech topics for friends and family:

  • Changes the person has seen in the graduate as he's been homeschooled
  • Advantages the speaker sees to homeschooling such as that he was able to spend more time learning to play the piano
  • If the speaker initially thought homeschooling wasn't a good idea, but has changed his mind after seeing the student's growth, the speaker should share this fact
  • Share special moments the speaker had with the graduate over the years
  • Share common interests the speaker holds with the graduate
  • If the speaker knows the graduate's plans for the future, talk about those and why he knows the graduate will be successful

Above all, the graduation speech should be upbeat and positive. A sad graduation speech will leave everyone feeling a little worried and let down. On the other hand, a funny graduation speech offers an upbeat start to the occasion.

Presentation Is Everything

The speaker will want to get across the message of how important homeschooling was in making the graduate the person he is as he moves into the next phase of his life. No matter where the graduation speech is given or how many are in attendance, those speaking will want to remember that presentation is important. Make eye contact with the audience, try to speak loud and succinct, and speak from the heart.

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