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Cathy Duffy home education material is one of the most popular curriculums that homeschoolers turn to again and again.

Who Is Cathy Duffy?

Cathy Duffy was part of the homeschool movement back in the 1980s. She began home educating her three sons in 1982 and homeschooled them all the way through high school. She also taught home school groups, church groups and spoke at homeschool conventions.

During this time she had plenty of opportunity for hands-on training and she also researched many curriculum models. This led to her being well known as a curriculum specialist and an expert in home education. She has published numerous books, articles and reviews concerning curriculum and homeschool methodology.

She still speaks at conventions and hosts numerous workshops all over the world. She holds a Christian worldview and her curriculum choices reflect that Christian perspective.

Available Cathy Duffy Home Education Material

There are several books by Cathy available for both the novice and experienced homeschooler's library. She writes curriculum guides and reviews that are very helpful to the homeschooling family.

Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manual: Elementary Grades

This 500 page book covers all subjects for kindergarten through sixth grade. It has reviews of the best curriculum, games, books, computer programs and much more. There are teaching helps and hints for parents to help you choose a program that is custom designed to help you and your child achieve success.

This book is great for the beginning homeschool family because it offers a guide to curriculum. One of the most difficult chores for an inexperienced homeschool parent is wading through the myriad of curriculum choices. Often it is a matter of trial and error, which can waste time and money. Cathy Duffy's reviews help to narrow down the choices.

Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manual: Junior/Senior High

Like the elementary manual, this version for upper grades walks parents through the curriculum choices and helps them to make decisions about curriculum dependant on the student's future plans, learning style and interests.

100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

If you are still feeling bewildered by all of the available choices, this book may be just what you are looking for. Cathy Duffy narrows down the choices to her top 100 picks. All subject areas are represented. The book also offers help in creating a blend between the parent's teaching style and the child's learning style.

Math Mouse Games

Math Mouse games are a set of boxed board games that Cathy created in the early 1980s. They help your elementary school aged child to learn basic math concepts from addition to fractions and more. The game is not still in publication, but you can often find it on eBay or at homeschool conventions.

Cathy Duffy Reviews

Cathy Duffy Reviews is a website that Cathy created to review current homeschool material. On this site you will find hundreds of curriculums, games and books reviewed and commented on.

There are articles to read as well as information on umbrella programs and almost anything else you could need to add to your collection of Cathy Duffy home education materials. There are suggestions for college prep, testing and even special needs curriculums.

This website contains hours of valuable reading and information for both the new and the experienced homeschooling parent.

Research Pays Off

If you have ever been to a homeschool convention or looked through homeschooling catalogs, you know how bewildering the thousands of choices can become. By using reviews from trusted sources, talking to other, more experienced homeschooling families, and considering the needs of your family, you can use Cathy Duffy home education materials to choose books for your homeschooling library. You may also want to take the survey Which Curriculum Is Right for Me?

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Cathy Duffy Home Education Material