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Kindergarten Lesson Plans

kindergarten child

Kindergarten lesson plans should be simple but varied. You will want to keep in mind that young children have somewhat short attention spans.

Choosing Curriculum

You can find lesson plans for kindergarten in almost any curriculum. The subjects taught vary quite a bit at this stage, and you should carefully consider several things before choosing a single curriculum.

Readiness of the Child

Most children start kindergarten around age five. Some will be ready to learn to read. Other children will still be struggling with learning colors and days of the week. Be sensitive to where your child is and what he is ready to learn. Don't push too hard at this early stage. It doesn't matter what other people's children are doing at this age, concentrate on what your child is ready for. Keep a relaxed homeschool attitude at this point.

Time Commitment

How much time do you have to devote to school right now? Will you have time to do the numerous reading assignments that are associated with a curriculum like Sonlight? Do you have time to research and write your own curriculum? Be realistic on how much time you are able to spend each week.


Budget is a very important consideration when choosing a curriculum. Some curriculums are very involved and expensive. Others are less expensive but may require more of a time commitment on your part. Keep your budget in mind when choosing kindergarten lesson plans.

Teaching Style

Some people are very creative and don't like to be told what or how to teach. Other parents prefer to have everything spelled out. Know your own capabilities when it comes to creating lesson plans, and choose a method that you will enjoy teaching.

Learning Style

Most children are very hands-on learners at this stage. Choose lesson plans that are short, allow them to be active, and will let them experience what they are learning about.

Scope and Sequence

If you are wondering what is usually taught in kindergarten, PBS Kids has a good overview of not only what is taught but how it should be taught to this age. For a more in-depth scope and sequence you may be interested in this list from Abeka.

Kindergarten Lesson Plans on the Internet

The Internet is a rich source of ideas for kindergarten. At this age, you should remember that reading aloud, visiting museums, measuring ingredients, and other daily activities are probably all your child needs. Quality time with parents, time to play, and the opportunity to experience new things all help prepare your child for success later on.

Ideas can come from many places. Here are some great kindergarten lesson plans that are available for free.

One very important part of childhood learning is crafts. Crafts allow your children to express their creativity while learning about a subject. There are several good crafts sites on the Internet that can help integrate crafts into your lesson plan.

Lesson Planning Books

You can buy a lesson planner at almost any school supply store, print off free lesson plan sheets on the Internet, or just write your lesson plans in a spiral notebook; it is totally up to you. There is no real advantage of one over another.

Some homeschoolers like the simplicity of a blank notebook page where they can write down quick plans with plenty of room for notes. Others feel that a prepared planner allows them to be more organized and professional. Either way, you will need to spend a little time making note of your plans for each day.

Again, some parents like to do this on a daily basis, noting tomorrow's lesson today, while others choose to do a week, month, or even a quarter at a time. Your lesson plans need to work for you rather than you being a slave to your lesson plans.

Kindergarten Lesson Plans