Blank Multiplication Chart and Table Printables

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When you're teaching multiplication, you use different printable multiplication charts and times tables to help kids learn multiplication facts. Blank multiplication charts and blank multiplication tables help you make math lessons interactive and quiz kids on their knowledge of multiplication. Click on the image of the blank table you want to use and check the troubleshooting guide if you need help.

Blank 0-10 Times Table PDF

This beginner multiplication table is completely blank, so kids will need to fill in the numbers 0 to 10 in order across the top row and down the first column. Then they'll fill in their multiplication facts. The rows for multiples of 2, 5, and 10 are highlighted in different colors to help these standard sections stand out.

Blank 0-10 Times Table

Free Blank 0-12 Multiplication Table

This 12 x 12 multiplication table features the numbers 0-12. The top row and first column are filled in to help get kids started. You can use the multiplication worksheet to teach multiplication by going through one number's multiplication table at a time.

Blank 0-12 Multiplication Table

Blank Scrambled 1-12 Multiplication Table

If you're looking for a fun math multiplication game, like a weekly times table challenge, this scrambled multiplication table is perfect. It features the numbers 1-12 in a mixed-up order, so kids have to go beyond memorization to fill in the blank cells.

Blank Scrambled 1-12 Multiplication Table

Blank 1-15 Multiplication Chart PDF

Help kids understand the patterns in multiplication with this blank 1-15 multiplication chart. Multiples of each number are highlighted in a different color to showcase how a multiplication table works. The numbers 1-15 are already filled in across the top row and first column, so all kids have to do is fill in the rest.

Blank 1-15 Multiplication Chart

Free Blank 1-20 Multiplication Chart

This free blank multiplication chart shows each number in its own box. Kids will have to solve the multiplication problems to fill in the answers and see the complete set of multiplication facts for each number from 1-20.

Blank 1-20 Multiplication Chart

More Multiplication Tools for Kids

Multiplication learning takes place across a number of grades from elementary school through high school. Blank multiplication charts and tables are one tool you can use for teaching or learning this type of math. Use these worksheets with other fun math tools like:

Make Your Own Multiplication Charts

Blank multiplication tables help you create your own multiplication resource or quiz kids on their multiplication tables and facts. You can turn these simple worksheets into useful resources by laminating them or putting them in clear document sleeves to help them last.

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Blank Multiplication Chart and Table Printables