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Homeschooling is the right educational choice for many families. Make your homeschool experience better and more cost-effective by utilizing these free printables from LoveToKnow. Simply click on the image or the caption to download, save, and print the .pdf.

Letter Sounds

Understanding letter sounds is a first step for pre-readers. Use these worksheets to help your student understand what sound each letter makes. If you need help downloading the worksheets, check out these helpful tips.

Kindergarten Worksheets

Kindergartners need a lot of practice when it comes to handwriting, sounds, number sequencing, following directions, and more. Print these worksheets to help train them with the basics before they enter first grade.

Grammar Worksheets

Grammar is an important part of a child's education. Without the proper understanding of the English language, students will be at a loss when it comes to other subjects.

Early Primary

Start your early elementary student off with the basics of grammar, from nouns to sentence structure.

Late Primary

Older students often work on using the proper tense, subject/verb agreement, and concepts like conjunctions. Use these practice pages to supplement their grammar work.

Middle School

Even students who aren't in elementary grades still need to practice their grammar. Middle school students are able to understand higher concepts like irregular comparative adjectives, so keep them practicing with these sheets.

Writing Main Idea Activities

A key concept in reading is identifying the main idea of a passage. Use these idea webs to help your child gain skills in reading comprehension.

Spanish Worksheets

Start teaching your child Spanish, or use these worksheets in an ESL class setting, to get core concepts across.

Prefixes, Suffixes, Synonyms and Antonyms

Students can practice using prefixes and suffixes correctly when using the worksheets below. Practice activities can also help them understand synonyms and antonyms.

Spelling Worksheets

Spelling is a key skill necessary for your child's success throughout life. These free fun printables can help children learn how to spell.

United States Worksheets

Citizens of the United States should have a basic understanding of the country's geography and history. Use these printablesto help students learn more about their country.

Bible Worksheets

Help your child learn more about God by teaching the fundamental stories of the Old and New Testaments. Your children will enjoy using these free Bible printables.

Old Testament

New Testament

More Printable Worksheets

Enhance your homeschooler's learning by supplementing lessons with these worksheets that range from rhyming lessons to learning directions.

Home School Printables Index