Simple Homeschool Schedule Templates

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Basic homeschool schedule templates help you and your kids stay organized and on-task during home learning time. Kids of all ages from preschool through high school can benefit from choosing the right homeschool schedule for their age and personality. Click on the image of the schedule you want to try, then download and print using the troubleshooting guide for help.

Blank Preschool and Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule

Younger kids ages three to seven will love the fun look of this homeschool checklist schedule. Kids will feel a sense of control and accomplishment as they use this simple preschool and kindergarten homeschool schedule.

Preschool/Kindergarten Daily Homeschool Schedule Checklist

Lower Elementary Schedule Ideas

A homeschool schedule for young children should be engaging, active, and flexible.

  • With sections for six categories of activities important for this age group, kids can check off assignments or activities when they're finished.
  • There's a space to fill in the amount of time spent on each activity so you can easily total your learning time for each subject.
  • You can fill in activities ahead of time or write them in with your child.
  • Use the "Taking Care of Me" section to cover personal hygiene, social skills, and personal behavior.

Elementary Homeschool Schedules

Homeschool schedules for kids in grades one through five will include more specific subject work, but should still factor in plenty of active time. An interactive schedule works great with this age group because kids are more capable of creating their own schedules and appreciate the ability to change tasks with their mood.

Special Education Homeschool Schedule Template

Whether you're homeschooling an autistic child or have a child with dyslexia working at home, this special education homeschool schedule focuses on a few "must do" tasks so kids and parents don't get overwhelmed. You can make the template a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule by adding the date or time frame to the top. Kids will be able to see what they absolutely need to do, so their day feels manageable.

Special Education Homeschool Schedule Template

4-Day Template for Upper Elementary and Middle School Students

Some families choose to operate their homeschool on a four-day schedule where kids only have to do school work Monday through Thursday. This type of schedule works great for parents who do shift work so families can have lots of free time together. There's one block for each day where you can write in standard activities like showering, special projects or events for that day, and fill in activities for each time. It's a great way to schedule middle schoolers for homeschool, although elementary parents may find it useful, too.

4-Day Homeschool Schedule Template

High School Block Schedule Template

Some homeschooling high schoolers like working with a block schedule where they have longer periods to devote to different subjects. This type of schedule is also great for younger kids who follow a child-led learning model. A typical high school A/B block schedule like this features three 90-minute blocks and three 45-minute blocks. Teens can use the longer blocks for important subjects and the shorter blocks for things like lunch and electives.

Homeschool A/B Block Schedule

Basic Homeschool Schedules

Homeschool schedules can be an important part of your homeschool record keeping as they'll show your instructional time and coverage of different subject areas. You may want to use multiple schedules to fulfill the needs of different children, the whole family, or even for parent lesson planning.

Simple Homeschool Schedule Template

The most basic homeschool schedule is great for any age group. This template features places to write in your own timeframes, subjects, assignments, and the resources needed to complete those assignments.

Basic Daily Homeschool Schedule

Daily Family Homeschool Schedule Template

When you're balancing a large family of up to five kids, a family homeschool schedule template can be a lifesaver. For each child you can add in assignments for each day of the week and the tasks that child should complete daily. The gradient colors help kids easily see which daily schedule is theirs.

Daily Family Homeschool Schedule Template

Weekly Homeschool Routine Schedule Template

Some families prefer a routine schedule over a school schedule. This allow you to include things like chores, family time, meals and snacks, or one-on-one fun with a parent. There's room for you to write in tasks, activities, and assignments that must be completed sometime in the early morning, late morning, and afternoon. You can create two separate weeks on this one template.

Weekly Homeschool Routine Schedule Template

Homeschool Monthly Schedule

If you like to plan far in advance or are doing something like planning educational activities for summer, a monthly schedule is helpful. This monthly homeschool schedule has room to write in the dates and assignments for each day in the month. There's also a special section where you can describe long-term projects or make other notes applicable to the whole month like a frequently used website or login information.

Homeschool Monthly Schedule

Tips for Using Homeschool Schedule Templates

The whole idea behind a homeschool schedule template is for you to customize it to meet your needs and your child's needs.

  • Place your template inside a dry erase sleeve or clear document sleeve so you can wipe it clean and reuse it after printing out only one copy.
  • Have kids tape the finished schedule to the inside cover of their journal for easy reference.
  • Hang the finished schedule like a poster in your child's work space so they can see it and follow it on their own.
  • You can use one template for multiple children by assigning each a different colored pen to write in their assignments.
  • Create a student planner by adding schedules and other tools such as printable checklists for larger projects, free homework chart printables, and printable chore charts.

Schedule Your Day Your Way

Learning how to schedule the homeschool day for your kids involves including them in the process and looking at a lot of sample homeschool schedules. Be prepared to try out several schedule variations before finding the one that works for each child. There is no single, best homeschool schedule. A good schedule for homeschooling is unique to your family and your child.

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